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Prince William & Kate Middleton's Weekend in Anglesey

Prince William & Kate Middleton's Weekend in Anglesey

They’ve delayed their honeymoon a bit, but that doesn’t mean that Prince William and Kate Middleton forgot to take some time for themselves after the big wedding.

According to a report from Us magazine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the weekend “privately in the United Kingdom” locale of Anglesey.

An inside source clarified, "William and Kate spent their honeymoon weekend at home in Anglesey. There were rumors that they were in various parts of Europe, but they actually just went home and stayed indoors the whole time. It was a cozy weekend."

And earlier today, William was back to work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. "He returned to work today. After the Bank Holiday weekend, it is now a normal working week."


gossipcenter/Photo Credit: Getty Images

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