Jumat, 13 Mei 2011

Shakira Visits Venice

Shakira Visits Venice

Looking as beautiful as ever, Shakira was spotted arriving at Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy on Friday (May 13).

The “She Wolf” star donned a blue top and jeans paired with aviator sunglasses as the paparazzi snapped up shots of her arriving via chauffeured boat.

In recent news, the Colombian beauty will be singing for a major Bollywood production called “Azaan.”

Of the directors, a source told "Sachin and Salim-Suleiman have been trying their best to lure Shakira with the double bait of big bucks and Bollywood. Last year, the deal fell through. This year, however, things have gone differently. They approached Shakira to do a promotional video for the movie, and to their delight, she agreed."

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