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  • Full of Win
    Mar 27, 12:09 AM
    If true...sounds like iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 owners are going to be shown the door.

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  • Yamcha
    May 4, 03:30 PM
    What I don't understand is even if it's distributed through the Mac App Store, does Apple expect us to burn it on dvd or make a bootable usb?

    I don't know if every mac user will even be able to do that, this may work for those looking to upgrade, but a fresh install will require dvd/usb..

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  • ol4ERTH
    Mar 27, 07:16 AM
    I think a Fall release of iOS5 has the ring of truth.
    The iPod music event is becoming a bit of a non event as traditional iPod's become less relevant. So instead Apple will introduce iOS5 which will include one big music feature: cloud streaming and storage of your music!

    But if you're going to introduce cloud streaming and sync, then the current iPod touch is not a great device because it has no persistent internet connection, so they're going to introduce an iPod Touch with 3G, which (obviously) won't be called the iPod Touch, but will instead be a cheaper, thinner, lighter iPhone! It might even only have 4GB of storage (probably 8GB) as standard, but the cloud services will make that less of an issue.

    The iPhone 5 will still be introduced in the summer with iOS4x and will remain the high end iPhone with NFC, 1080p video recording, 4inch Screen, 8mp still camera, A5 chip, 64GB storage option, maybe they'll introduce Facetime over 3G too at that time too... Same basic physical package as the iPhone 4.

    Apple needs to make a cheaper iPhone to compete with Android. For too many people now trading up from feature phones to their first smartphone (at least in the UK) the leap from what they're paying now up to an iPhone is too big. Instead they're getting a low end Android device (e.g. HTC wildfire etc). Apple are not stupid, they know they need to get into that part of the market and soon. It seems like the right time frame. And they need a big event (like their traditional fall music event) to do it.

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  • trhall
    Nov 26, 05:00 PM

    That's a Fujitsu ST-5000 series device with a Mac OS X screenshot on top:

    I owned one, and they're great tablets. Would love to be off of Windows totally and have a Mac tablet, but there are two important things still holding me on a tablet: handwriting recognition (actually, storing my notes in Ink which is indexed in text) and speech recognition (iListen isn't as good as Dragon Naturally Speaking... even David Pogue who loves Macs has a PC specifically for speech recognition).

    Still, if Apple comes out with a tablet, I'd get one.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 5, 02:44 PM
    I tip my hat to you that you still buy your software when Jailbroken phones can easily use pirated software.

    I think you'd be surprised how many people like me are out there. I support developers, regardless if they're developing on the App Store, or the Cydia Store, because they're both working equally hard.

    The only reason I jailbreak my device is for the visual tweaks... well and NOSPOT, lol, I hate that crap.

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  • zacman
    Mar 27, 03:52 AM
    There will be a new iPhone during calendar 2011

    Sure but in the financial Q&A Schiller already announced that Apple will go away from the June-June schedule and instead release the next iPhone in fall. Of course back then everyone said that he was "quoted wrong". Right....

    Apple needs to hurry up to overhaul the complete iOS. Android is expected to have sold > 40 million smartphones in Q1 while Apple's numbers are a bit disappointing in regards of the Verizon launch with a total of around 20 million. Plus Android market is growing like crazy ( with now over 300 000 apps and about 30 000 new apps every month. It seems history (MacOS vs Windows) repeats itself.

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  • duffman9000
    Jul 22, 11:43 AM
    Negative? How can this news be negative? Only the most diehard G4 lovers would call this news negative.

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  • iZac
    Mar 28, 11:14 AM
    Capacity bump now, full update September(ish)?

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  • eemsTV
    Apr 20, 12:59 AM
    How many people think this is some elaborate scheme to get people to think it will come out in the fall, when they might be setting people up for a surprise with the release of iphone 4 -white as the new ip5?

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  • Nooon
    Sep 16, 04:31 PM
    what windows skin is that? looks really nice :)

    Looks like Kamino (

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  • steadysignal
    Apr 20, 07:49 AM
    Springing for just a faster processor. Dont't think thats gonna happen. I'll just stick with my iP4 until the following year...

    seconded. i hold my cash until the update is more meaningful.

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  • cube
    May 6, 06:41 AM
    But until Intel releases technology using the new transistors people dumped arm stocks for essentially hype,(?) Which is why I'm surprised.

    I'm not surprised about people getting overhyped. Just look the "3D" thread here.

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  • gavers
    Mar 31, 09:21 AM
    They sold well over 1 million desktops/workstation units last quarter and will surpass that quite handily this quarter.

    Over 4 million.


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  • -aggie-
    May 3, 06:18 PM
    holy smokes these games are intimidating to play....

    here I am thinking the basic werewolves games were hard lol

    We�ve never had a game like this before, so you shouldn�t let this put you off.

    if we explore is that our move and then the villain makes his? Or if we pick a door would this be a way to avoid the villain�s traps, since he may have put one in the room we�re in?

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  • iansilv
    May 7, 11:38 AM
    The best option is to cover both ends.


    Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks
    Small iDisk
    Find my iDevice
    Web Gallery
    Web Page


    iTunes Cloud (Lala music streaming)
    More Sync options
    Larger iDisk Pro (Dropbox like speed)
    Larger Web space and Gallery
    Online Backup Pro (Collaboration and editing)

    I'm ready to go Google Free. I just need to know Mobileme is worth investing in more.

    I totally agree with this, and would be happy if it worked out like this.

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  • mcrain
    Apr 15, 09:02 AM
    Do you think there are any negative consequences to this? If I were starting a business and seeking investors, it would sure be a lot harder to get investors when the capital gains rate is 35% rather than 15%. That business would never materialize. Nobody's going to complain about it though because no one can see what could have been.


    Capital gains do NOT stand in the way of investment in business. Why? Because capital gains ONLY apply to the gains realized upon the SALE of the shares or ownership interest in the company. That sale has ZERO effect on the business' profit, capitalization, available resources, etc... That sale ONLY might have an effect on the value of the shares of the company in the hands of other investors. That's what is called the secondary market.

    What you are talking about is the initial offering of the shares by the company in which the company is looking to exchange ownership, and everything that goes with it, for capital investment.

    One of the things that goes with ownership, and one of the two primary reasons people invest, is a share of profits. If a potential business has a good business plan, a good product and will make money, people will invest in it. When it makes money, that income is taxed as ordinary income when distributed, or if kept without re-investment, as business income. This money is NOT taxed as capital gain!

    The second profit motive for investment is the idea that the success of the business will generate demand for ownership, thus increasing the value of ownership on the secondary market. This could lead to capital gains if you choose to sell your ownership interest.

    Higher taxes result in businesses that choose to reinvest and increase their operations rather than distributing money to its owners. This causes increases in value, increases in operations, increases in hiring, increases in economic impact, etc...

    Higher taxes result in investors choosing businesses that are increasing in value, generating higher income rates, operating in riskier, but higher yield, fields, etc...

    Capital gains don't prevent investment, they merely affect how much tax is paid on the sale of an investment you have held for over one year.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 4, 12:55 AM
    Right now there is a big price difference between the MB and MBP line but not a whole lot of difference in performance. Putting the Core 2 in the MBP would help differentiate it from the MB. That doesn't mean the MB won't get a speed bump (the Core Duo goes up to 2.33GHz), but Apple might delay putting Merom in the MB to differentiate the lines. I'd pounce on a Merom MB, but I don't think it's going to happen in conjunction with the Merom MBP.I think the Merom MB delay will only be until Intel can supply Apple with enough Meroms for the MacBook production line volume after the MacBook Pro line volume is satisfied. :)

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  • ovrlrd
    Mar 30, 07:23 PM
    So nobody has answered yet whether this requires you to reinstall Lion or if you just install an "update" through the Mac App Store somehow. I am not at home so I can't test it out myself yet.

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  • timmillwood
    Nov 26, 10:56 AM
    So this will be a super remote for the iTV?

    i think i will get one if they are reasonably prices but i would not pay more than �500 for it when I have a Macbook Pro

    Would be nice if it has built in HSDPA, EDGE and GSM!

    May 6, 03:14 AM
    this stupid rumor is stupid

    No, it is not. Why do you think, MS is making an ARM version of Windows 8? Because ARM is gona be the actual feature x68 enemy. Time will tell.

    Jul 30, 11:37 PM isn't owned by Apple, therefore, Someone who wanted to fool people and couldn't afford to pay for a .com name could have easily bought this name and just directed it to
    It is owned by Apple, and has been for years. Nobody knows why, the .org would be kind of obscure for pushing a product.

    Mar 31, 06:24 AM
    Sounds just like some bloke from Apple. Snow Leopard's the last of the true desktop OS's. Lion is the bridge, and whatever follows will either be primarily iOS, or so close it's of little consequence. I'm so glad I hung onto my 2010 MBP.

    Let's not forget it was the iPod that saved Apple and marked it's beginning as a gadget & entertaiment company. I had a nasty feeling then it would mark the decline of Apples great computers & here we are. How ironic it is that most people are unaware that a Brit actually invented the iPod and like so many other things, Apple stole the thing and ran with it. True "innovators" at Apple, yeah right.

    Please educate me - I am apparently one of the ironically unaware people. Who invented the iPod? Are you talking about MP3 players in general, or specifically the iPod with scroll wheel, white design etc? Or are you just talking about Jonny Ive? I am intrigued by this fact that you are aware of but most other people aren't.

    I would also argue that Apple aren't necessarily innovators, but what they do better than anyone else is spot the Next Big Thing and then manage to make it look so good and work so well that it becomes incredibly popular. This was the case with the MP3 player, the smartphone, touchscreens, tablets... and those are just the primary examples.

    Apr 24, 07:41 PM
    You people are all wrong.

    This icon is going on the iPhone, which is going to quadruple the number of pixels in each direction, to 2560 x 3840.

    Oh wait, even then then the icon consumes a ridiculous amount of space on the screen...

    Nov 25, 04:56 AM
    I am positive that Apple will bring a twist into the mobile telephony market, something revolutionary nobody could think that it will work.

    And in 2 years from now everybody will state: Yes, Apple did it again.

    I bet they do the following:

    - Follow the KISS (Keep it stupit simple) concept and build on there current iPOD success!

    The new iPhone will be a WIFI iPOD with Skype (or something alike) build in. A high quality camera and Bluetooth Stereo Wireless will complete the hardware.
    The software will allow "on the go" chat, blogging, videocasts, RSS and a mobile safari browser.

    Strategy: Replace the need for an iPOD´s and provide the best personal communication tool

    - Eliminate traditional phone contracts with MobilePhone operators.

    Apple will aquire "FON" and build the largest hotspot community in the world where every iPhone user can communicate for free.

    This is my prediction. :)

    P.S. Too bad for palm, but it is not enough just to build the best smartphone. You need to win the community...

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