Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

Faux Pas Part 1

For years now I've been keeping a mental list of fashion faux pas that irritate me no end.
And so the other day I decided that when I become Fashion Editor of the World, I should be able to advise my people correctly.  It was time to write the list down.  Not only for my own posterity, but for the good of the fashion world, and also in the hope that maybe someday, someone reading the list will discover that they have committed a fashion faux pas and will immediately rectify said pas and the world will be a better place!  
Now it's true that at this time, I may not be able to recall all that is on my mental list, so over time I shall simply add it to the original list here.  Let's begin.
1. Velcro wallets.  The sound is enough to make you grind your teeth.  And the look?  How can nylon be more appealing than leather, or even vinyl for that matter? Need I say more?
2. Tracky-daks outside of the house.  Please don't do it to us.   I don't care if they're designer either, it's just not acceptable.
3. Faux Louis Vuitton (or any easily recognizable faux designer handbag) accessorizing your tracky-daks, Reeboks and diet coke in hand.  If you must buy faux, don't point it our by dressing it down.  
4. Terrorist scarves.  Whomever it was that decided that a scarf made fashionable by the PLO was acceptable to wear, well they were WRONG!
I feel cleansed and purged of my irritation now.  
Please check in over the coming days and weeks for my continuing list!