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Shania Twain Attends A Book Signing At The Grove

Shania Twain Attends A Book Signing At The Grove

After wrapping up her tour in Toronto, Shania Twain made her way to The Grove in Los Angeles in order to promote her new book “From This Moment On”.

During a sit-down with E! News, Shania spoke about how the years of suppressing and repressing her emotions and her voice did so much damage to her vocal cords, that she now suffers from a condition called dysphonia, making it difficult to even speak!
“I had reached a point in my life where there was a bottleneck, physically, in my throat. Something had to give.”
“I’ve only just discovered what’s wrong. Next comes rehabilitation, which will take a long time. Physical rehabilitation, voice therapy, learning how to breath again…and the singing will come.”
The singer hit the very bottom after her divorce from husband Mutt Lange. She said it has taken plenty of soul-searching to pull herself back up.
“During the course of my divorce, I dug a big hole and stopped growing and searching and had given up. I realized I had to climb back out…You can only help yourself. Others can support you. Just asking myself what I was going to do helped make a place for optimism. You start to isolate yourself in your own misery. Why Not? [her new show on OWN] was born from making myself commit to living.”
Shania has literally been through hell and back, first with losing her parents, her struggles growing up and now this?! I feel so terrible for her. SO happy she found love again! I wish her all the best and can not WAIT to read her new book!

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