Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Stella is Stellar!


"Stella McCartney said for pre-fall 2010 she wanted to create a complete wardrobe "with the simplicity I need as a woman." Focusing on camel, metallics, black, and white, McCartney indeed kept it simple without forgetting that fashion should be fun. Glittery mohair dicso knits, sequin animal print minis, and a Biana Jagger-style suit with matching fedora mixed with cozy country staples like camel capes, rolled denim, and oversized sweaters in this all-in-one collection of modern day essentials." Quoted from Coutorture.com

They say it perfectly, so succinctly, what could I possibly add to this?


Source: http://www.coutorture.com/Stella-McCartney-Shows-Pre-Fall-Paris-British-Ambassadors-Residence-7205073

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

New York State of Mind

First, play this song:

..& then, read the rest of the post.

Bye Bye Dubai...

Hello New York

Statue of Liberty

Chrysler Building


Empire State Building 


Brooklyn Bridge 



Time Square 


Rockefeller Center 

Central Park


The Palace Hotel

Saks Fifth Avenue

Madison Avenue

Chanel Trunk show SS10

New York, was AWESOME! Except for the fact that I never got back in tune with my normal Dubai sleeping hours. I've morphed into this vampire wannabe that goes to sleep at 5:00 AM & wakes up at 4:00 PM,  for real! -- I never thought I'd become one of those people who sleep their days away, but just when you least expect. Things happen.

Amongst the things that I least expected was my impression of the Big Apple. To tell you the truth, New York was nothing like I expected. I landed in NY expecting the english version of Tokyo: Uber modern, fast paced, & well.. crowded. It was all that alright, but in addition, New York was dirty, *Bangkok-dirty*, smelly, & very very different from our favorite scenes on SATC.

Having said that, NY did have a highlight or two. The first was spending a day with a great friend who knew NY better than I did. The two of us walked for hours through Fifth, Madison, & ended up somewhere across the bridge from Brooklyn. Took a cycle carriage through Central Park. & came upon some gorgeous vintage pieces (Chanel bags, jewelry, dresses...etc) you name it! I couldn't keep my hands off, & I dunno if you have noticed but I luv luv shoes, no seriously I can't resist! I bought like almost ten. Which would become my favorite NY purchase: A white colored croc pair of loubies. The minute I tried those babies on, I knew I had to have em


Tucked away somewhere on Madison Av. I found a vintage heaven, a favorite of the likes of kate moss, lindsey lohan & Rachel Zoe. You'll find lotssssss of gorgeous finds ranging from 70's pucci dresses to chanels, hermes bags, and rare frocks. 

In the midst of all the vintage treasures, I found the cache treasure of em all. Carrie’s bird! Isn't it cool?! :D:D
Overall, shopping in NY was ah-ma-zing *sigh*. I stock up on Cartier fragrances (exclusive just for Saks NY)  L'heure Promise, L'heure Folle, L'heure Mysteruese, L'heure Brillante & my favorite amongst the five is La Treizieme Heure that's been rumored to smell like the white stuff *ggls*. I beg to differ, unlike the "Tuscan Leather" by Tom Ford that everyone is crazy about makes me wanna puke! 

"... & All That Jazz!"


I also attended Chicago on broadway, that was rather amusing^^

& got to catch a movie Leap Year, Didn't like it so much.


Lots of site seeing and dining in NY hippest restaurants, such as tabla & max brenner.

The food is very comforting at Tabla, its more of American food with Indian soul. 


Max Brenner is a chocolate bar. Chocolate is served in every way you can imagine. But,  first food, then chocolate!


Dylan's Candy Bar, to please the child within me *ggls* :-PpP


Doughnut Planet, known as one of Isaac Mizrahi's fav places in NY, they're fabulous doughnuts! He actually designed one for em few years ago.

My personal favorite is the Creme Brulee

Also got to try Magnolia's cupcakes Yum! But I still think cupcakes of the Hummingbird bakery in London is waaay delish.

Remember that episode of Friends, the one with all the cheesecakes? LOL xD -- When ever I'd watch it, I crave cheesecake. & this cheesecake is truly the BEST cheesecake I EVER had.  *droolz* I am still craving em (YES! it was that gooood!)... AnyyHowww, that's all I've got to say for now. Gtg hit the sheets. Arrivederci bellezz! ;;)