Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

I really want to blog, but...

Oh woe is me.  I am so, so, very tired.  

I have been fighting a very tenacious bug for 2 weeks now and it is doing its worst to get a hold on me, but I have been taking so many herbal concoctions to help me beat it that I realise now that had I just given in, I would be on the mend now and not still fighting!  Oh the irony...

So this is how I am feeling right now.  I just wish to be left alone to sleep off this, this... whatever you want to call it.  And instead of a cat I have a big black labrador to keep me company!


Selasa, 29 Juni 2010

Pick Of The Week

Christian Louboutin Pigalle patent-leather ballerinas. Slip into something more comfortable with these chic pointy flats. It's all about strong feminine finishes.*heart*


Senin, 28 Juni 2010

Fashion Cravings


Versace, leather pumps.

Acne, Shy Dots silk-blend tank.

 Marc Jacobs, leather bag with varnished aluminum.


Lanvin, metal necklace with Swarovski crystals and resin beads.

Emilio Pucci, Anaconda printed jersey dress.

High Contrast Zigzags, stripes and polka dots perk up 
black & white.


A Woman We Can Learn Something From


Minggu, 27 Juni 2010

*Fashion: Summer Street Style


I'm sorry for the lack of posts but it's been very busy lately.
I promise to make it all good in the vacation with XL fashion and lifestyle posts.

I've been roaming lots of professional street blogs (main reason: Fashion Week) and I've found lots and lots of alarming new trends I wanted to share for this Spring. 
You see more and more variety on the street: people don't necessarily follow what's "in" but they often put together outfits that reflect their personality and mood.
As well as photographers have a brighter focus in the age, race and aesthetic in the pictures they choose to publish. This are the main reasons I wanted to I wanted to focus on a variety of looks and aggregate all the latest styles from the world's top fashion blogs.

*Enjoy, let them inspire you and tell me what's your Summer Musthave!*


Jak Jill

Foto Valise

One Liner, Three Ways

Much like that other little black staple that reappears on the runways each season, black eye-liner is more than a basic. 

Here are just a few different looks you can create with Cover Girl's new LiquilineBlast eyeliner .

 Bottega Veneta

For a punk look, smudge on thick stripe of black cream shadow and dareken the creases and corners with the pencil. Then top it all with black shadow. 


Draw the pencil along the inner rims of the lids, then trace a razor-thin line of it along the top lashes. On top of all the pencil, sweep a soft brown eye shadow.


For this tough makeup, rim the eyes over and over with the pencil, then with black shadow, and drag the mix out at the corners before adding a trace of  gold to the lids.

I am always a fan of makeup that multitasks à la this 3-in-1 eyeliner! Carry it with you at all times for an instant boost of color.^^


Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Higher Ground

It is no secret that my comfort zone falls somewhere a few inches above the ground, just take a look at some of my past few shoe picks: Givenchy's Jersey-strap leather sandalsGiuseppe Zanotti Crystal-studded sandals and Christian Louboutin Ulona sandals. D.I.E. for all! Moving right along with this high-as-heaven theme, I present my fave picks from Christian Louboutin AW10 collection.

Relika 140 in Tartuga Patent

J-Lissimo 100 Silver and Gold Speccio

Deroba 140 Black and Taupe-Grey

Clou Noeud 150 Black with Silver

Pigalle Flat Black and White Pony Stripes

Pigalle Flat Leopard Pony

Venus 120 Leopard Pony and Black Kid

Loubout 150 Flannel Kaki and Black

Dorepi 120 In Azulejos and Patent

Belle 85 Purple and Black Suede

Big Lips 120 Black Kid

Bianca 140 Black Kid


Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Sneak Peek: Burberry AW10 Ad Campaign

Burberry has developed a completely interactive advertising campaign using innovative technology users can select and control view and perspective of campaign, cast and products Motion responsive images and video can be clicked, rotated, paused and dragged 180 degrees Individual products and cast respond to user controlled commands bringing people closer to collection, cast and location First time this fully immersive and interactive technology has been used for a global luxury fashion advertising campaign, reinforcing the brand's heritage, innovation and digital creativity 14 images and 6 interactive videos showcase the Burberry Autumn Winter 2010 collections.

Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London, Burberry Brit and Burberry Accessories collections feature - BRITISH CAST: Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Model // Nina Porter, Model // Sam Rollinson, Model // Charlotte Wiggins, Model // Caspar Smyth, Model - Producer // Douglas Booth, Actor // Gwilym Gold, Musician // Rory Cottam, Musician // Samuel Fry, Musician // Seb Brice, Model - Musician // Thomas Penfound, Model

Creative Direction by Christopher Bailey // Photographer by Mario Testino // Location: Pinewood Film Studios, London

Burberry Autumn Winter 2010 Ad Campaign

 © Copyright Burberry/Testino - Burberry.com

Campaign launches globally July 2010


Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog!

So I celebrate 2 years of my blog today along with the instatement of Australia's first female Prime Minister! 

Celebrations all round for girl power I say!  It matters not what party she represents, what matters right now, right this minute is that a woman is in power, and thus we are all empowered - yippeeee!


Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Spotted: Olivia Palmero wears Mulberry


Neely bag by Mulberry

Olivia Palmero wore the Neely in Nude Spongy Patent from the Autumn Winter 10 collection out and about in New York yesterday. Loves it! 


Empower your Business with BlackBerry® and Mobile Solutions from Etisalat

Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Pick Of The Week

What do you do when your beach break is looming and all those stomach crunches haven't quite left you with the toned tum of your dreams? One of my latest finds is Rodial's Tummy Tuck Sticks, which promise to flatten your tummy by decreasing the bloat. These dietary supplements contain active ingredients like Green Clay (rich in bloat-beating silica and minerals), Fennel seeds to eliminate waste and gases, and Pineapple and Papaya, both of which contain enzymes that help the body breakdown food quicker. When it comes to beauty products, a quick fix is the key!


Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

More Sand than Sex, or the City

Garance Dorè was spot on with her review of Sex and the City 2 - "not much sex and even less city".

So what I have to say about the movie is probably gonna hurt some of you hard-core fans out there (and believe me, I'm one of them), because I do so love the Sex & the City series, and I loved the first movie too, but...  

Michael Patrick King should have relinquished some of his control and allowed the story and the screenplay to have been written by someone else this time around.  A fresh take is what the girls needed and unfortunately what we were given was not what we all imagined or indeed hoped for.

Yes, it was funny, even funnier than the first, and yes there was fashion but frankly, I was left wanting more of the old and what we got was a bunch of women complaining about their perfect lives with their perfect wardrobes and even though they had been flown 6500 miles across the world to a dream destination with royalty extras, it still wasn't enough.  I mean, how much do these girls need to be fully satisfied?  

 Who goes shopping in a souk in this get up?  I mean, seriously?

My favourite thing in the movie was Carrie's necklace of a crescent moon and falling star.  Unfortunately if I want one of my own I will have to have it made of make my way over to Turkey as it was a piece picked up by Patricia Field when she was there.  Sigh...

I did love Carrie's flowing dresses, but as my best girlfriend Kirsty said, now that SJP is in partnership with Halston, there is no real Carrie outfits in this movie.  Most of them were Halston.

I just felt that the fashion took over the film ( which was not that difficult a thing to do as the plot was weak to begin with).  And that ridiculous Yohji Yamamoto hat that Carrie wears on the plane - oh lordy, fashion victim!  It looked like she was wearing a crab pot on her head and who would wear such a huge hat onto a plane in the first place?  Surely customs would confiscate it from you before you even made the first class lounge? Mind you, it wasn't the only silly hat worn in the movie.

The real star of the movie for me was Carrie and Big's apartment.  I loved it, especially their coffee table and their bed-head.  Oh and the walk-in closet was a-maazing!

Another peccadillo was (and yes I am nit-picking here), but if Miranda is such a busy working mother, how in the world would she find the time to go shopping for her wardrobe? 
Cue the Casablanca influence here on Miranda.  

I did love Miranda and Charlotte's Cosmo-fueled heart-to-heart about motherhood.  I was able to relate only too well and laughed out loud.

Was it just me or does anyone else feel like Samantha's character is the only one of the girls still the same?  I'm beginning to think of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte as boring old fuddy-duddies now which sadly makes Samantha look way too over the top.

One last thing, the flashbacks - why did they even bother with them?  Such little time on screen, I think it would have been better to actually show them meeting each other, it would have been much more fun, don't you think?

Oh, and Carrie's Chanel dance mask sunglasses - a bit much perhaps?  

As always, Carrie's (and SJP's) hair is perfect and very enviable, as is her gorgeous headband.

And what was up with Samantha's hair and makeup at Stamford and Anthony's wedding?  

(The lady doth protest too much, methinks.)