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  • navguy
    Jan 7, 06:14 PM
    it definitely is a strong consideration with a few add'l features for $10 more ... including that it works w/ both iphone and ipod touch, works w/ cases/skins, rotation notches seem firmer, and bluetooth works while off mount ... if you can get over the overall cost, the extra $10 is probably worth it.

    i received the TT car kit as a gift ... and enjoying it every day :D

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  • Sydde
    Apr 14, 06:31 PM
    I'd try to take the time to find it.

    There are people who specialize in that.

    Let them loose. See what they find.

    We had a president a few years back who strode into the oval on the declaration that he was going to dive in and slice away at the massive gobs of waste, fraud and abuse that was plaguing the government! We all know what happened to him (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Carter#Public_image).

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  • Ryth
    Apr 22, 10:22 AM
    Hrm.. When I hear "Mac Pro", I think of a giant behemoth of a computer, with super internals for crazy processing power for graphics design or whatever your poison may be..

    Actually, you can get by with a mid/high level iMac now for most graphic design needs (photoshop, illustrator, etc) these days and even average video editing needs

    MacPros are really now for higher end video and 3D applications or those that really need to get their work done fast and rendered fast.

    Funny though, one of the 3D companies that works in our building actually bought high end iMacs last year and they use them for Maya and they work great they said...I think we're at a plateau for a lot of apps in what you can do with them and the latest gen processors in the iMacs, MBPros are somewhat overkill for a lot of people already.

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  • basesloaded190
    Mar 28, 11:30 AM
    I'm in the 3GS camp too, so I won't lie and say I'm happy about this.

    I'm rockin the day one 3gs right now, so I'm with you happy that at least hopefully we will be ableto get some new hardware this year

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 11, 07:17 AM
    are we still debating over this?

    Yes, because the uninitiated that claim this is ambiguous keep popping up. Oh wait...

    if we stay to basic math, it depends on how you read the / sign

    If you read it as anything other than a division, you need to go back to school.

    it is poorly written (or more likely purposely ambiguously written)

    Only for those with a lack of understanding of basic math. Again, the problem is not the equation per say, it's the people that don't understand mathematics.

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  • zw-gator
    Mar 28, 09:46 AM
    No way is this legit.

    More likely, Version has to wait until 2012 for the iPhone 5, AT&T gets it in June/July.

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  • cube
    May 6, 06:30 AM
    I'm aware of that, but the last time Intel promised ground breaking CPU technology we ended up with the Pentium 4 and Pentium D series.

    No. Their introduction of FinFETs is similar to the edge they had with the high-k metal gate process until not long ago.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 5, 03:09 PM
    Yeah, I wouldn't be on these forums, I'd have a life, a job, and a smile.

    If only... :(

    Same here man , same here:(

    It could be worse though, we could be the "ex jock who wasnt good enough to play professionally so he got a business degree at a community college and works as a Best Buy Manager". I choose Geekdom...Always a silver lining my friend :)

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  • CIA
    Apr 21, 09:12 PM
    I want to know what type of video you are doing because we sure don't need that and we do high end video editing for National Geographic/Discovery/Smithsonian.

    Unless you are doing Hollywood stuff, I see no need for half the stuff you listed.

    More internals and PCIE slots? For what? Almost all of our clients are delivering tapeless now and on externals. Dual optical bays? Seriously? Fibre is a must if you are in a post house.

    Seriously? We also do full DVD high end hollywood type authoring at my facility (have been for 10+ Years) and Blu-Ray authoring and we have no need for internal optical super drives.

    You guys seriously need to unhinge yourselves from those internal drives...lol :)

    I work for a small TV station, we can't afford a $30K storage array. My MacPro (2008 3.2Ghz 8 core) has:
    Internal: 2x1TB boot drives Mirrored. 2x750GB random storage drives.
    Added DVD Burner (our Blu-Ray burner is in another Mac Pro)
    Factory DVD Burner
    Video Card
    PCIe FW 400 and FW800 Combo Card
    Sonnet eSATA card
    Backpane adaptor running a pair of eSATA drives (both 150GB Raptors in RAID 0) off the internal unused Optical Bay SATA ports. (Video Render 1)
    The Sonnet card is hooked to a pair RAIDs. 10 Drives in a old CD Duplicator with a Addonics ports multipliers. One is 4x640GB Video Storage drive RAID, the other is 4X 500GB drives. The 500's are actually a pair of 1TB RAIDS, one for Audio Render, the Other for longer term Raw Video Storage. Finally 2 other drives in that external each have their own SATA connections to the Sonnet card (Audio Storage, and Graphics Storage.)

    Fibre Channel card hooked to the legacy Avid MediaNet or whatever it's called, for the ooooolllld footage from before our final cut switch last year.

    Plus about 5 firewire 800 drives for backing everything up, and a firewire HDV deck, and once in awhile a control surface for Audio Mixing. We shoot tape still (HDV) because like I said, we are a small station that can't afford new prosumer card based cameras. Man would I love some though. We still get a lot of stuff delivered on tape (beta, yuck) and DV format. We do shoot some commercials occasionally using a Pani P2 based camera and a DSLR, but the road warrior cameras are still tape.
    I want internal stuff because my desk is already cluttered enough. I'm constantly burning 2 DVD's at once to deliver footage to people, both in data and video. We shoot a lot for the US Ski Team, and when the world cup comes to the USA other stations always want footage. Uploading 19GB over a pair of "Shotgunned" DSL lines (400K upload, max) takes awhile, so most of the time we overnight it.

    And that's just my desk. The other workstations use some drives on my machine as cold storage for finished projects. Between packages, 2 live shows, and special feature 30 or 60 minute long form shows we crunch a lot of video. No it's not big hollywood studio stuff, but the sheer volume of footage going in and out is a hassle.

    I agree the future is tapeless, but where do you store all that raw? We fill 6TB of hard drive space every 6 months. During the Sundance Film Festival which happens here, we were ingesting nearly 12 hours of footage and producing 6 hours of content (live shows, pre-taped shows, packaged shows) a day. While most everything we have is on tape, going to find those (usually poorly labeled) tapes, capturing, and editing takes forever, so we try and keep as much raw as possible on the drives for quick access.

    At some point I need to setup a render station to take all the prores finished projects and downconvert to H264 for storage on Blu-ray discs. But that's not really a long term solution since any burned disc will eventually fail. I don't really want the expense of HDV backups, but it's the cheapest loooong term solution I can think of.

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  • Half Glass
    Jul 24, 07:54 AM
    Yeah something just doesnt feel right. OS X recognises a 2.93GHz chip as 4GHz? and since when does Apple put in CPU features in system profiler?

    Ok, so I hate to admit it, but I can confirm from my experimental days that OSX 86 reports at least P4 CPUs innaccurately as mentioned above. The system profiler in OSX86 does attempt to describe the chip. My HT P4 2.4 GHz was reported as a 3.something. Don't know if it was the hyperthreading or the HT coupled with the OSX86 hacked version itself was the problem in the reporting.

    I can say that I never got anywhere in terms of stability with the experiment. Video card was the biggest problem. Hey, I was curious.

    I still have an eMac (wife's) and just like Multimedia mentioned above, I sold my PowerMac dual 2.0 last week for top $$ before the new ones are released. Have you ever met anyone who made a profit on a computer 9 months later? Bought the dual processor from the apple store *right* after the dual cores were announced. They took $500 off. I can't believe what people are paying on eBay knowing that the change is days away. But, they still got a great machine below current market value.

    Since I don't make a living on my Mac and I have my wife's for email/internet I can go without one for a few weeks (but it's hard!). I am anxiously awaiting the announcements with Conroe/Merom. I bought my P-Mac only because of the original deal I got. With the $$ from it's sale, I don't know if I'll be getting a P-Mac or an iMac.

    Add my name to the list of people wanting a midrange tower.

    --Half Glass

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  • Jbrumz85
    Apr 20, 12:35 AM
    More interested in iOS 5 but faster processor, upgraded camera(s) and hopefully more memory will be a nice little upgrade

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  • mjaco002
    Apr 18, 03:46 PM
    x2, very lame move apple.

    Have you seen those phones?

    When I saw them I thought for second they were actual iPhones.

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 11, 01:24 AM
    EDIT - And don't say "Common" when you mean "Come on."

    I stand corrected - probably should have said 'C'mon'.

    If its only downloadable movies I think there will be Nothing for Aus, so I will join you in the 'meh'.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 21, 04:28 PM
    This is the thing I was referring to; if I knew more about it, I'd be working for
    Intel or Apple... I guess...


    Just a hint, do NOT believe any of the rubbish from Mac OS Rumors. It is the World's worst Apple source.

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  • BRLawyer
    Aug 4, 12:19 PM
    Don't worry, I say this now -NO MBP CPU UPDATE AT WWDC- or till December for that matter. MBP itself has its own issues to be fixed like overheating, battery life and slower superdrive. I would be happier if they fix these issues instead of putting slightly faster chip and producing more heat and moans. And even if they do, you won't see big difference in performance anyways. So just enjoy your MB while it lasts.

    A chip update has NOTHING to do with any outstanding issues, sorry...Apple is fully capable of fixing those (if any) with a better design AND a better chip.

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  • PBF
    Apr 20, 12:24 AM
    So, how many more times are various sources gonna reiterate that iPhone 5 is to come out in Fall? :rolleyes:

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 18, 04:28 PM
    yes very true, I think i might stick with BLT as well, hard to beat 85 dollars...lol, especially since i just learned that the new Magellan Car Kit will cost 129.99 :eek: and here we all were complaining about tomtom's pricing...lol. I will say, just as i have stated before though, that it is still enticing to go to my local apple store and pick up a unit. I guess it all depends on if I go on some spur of the moment trip..lol

    Yeah, I hear you. I hate waiting for orders to ship...I guess we get so use to items being in stock, and on their way the next day.

    Thought I'd post the Magellan car kit info for all to see:

    Magellan car kit detailed at FCC filing

    That was fast. We just learned Magellan was going to offer a car kit for the iPhone and it has already hit the FCC. GPSTracklog.com has a detailed drawing of the new device, and it looks to be quite complete. Magellan has said the kit will be on sale before the end of the year, and even give the iPod touch full nav capabilities.

    The car kit is supposed to allow any iPhone GPS app to work with it, so you're not limited to the Magellan app. It works in portrait or landscape mode, and has a speaker for hearing directions and also link to your iPhone for Bluetooth based calls.

    The Magellan Roadmate app itself [iTunes link] has a boatload of good features, and we're anxious to get our hands on the app for a full test. Holiday travelers will have a lot of good choices for navigating to your destinations. Remember when we thought the plain old Google Maps app was cool?

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 21, 07:48 PM
    up the chips in the MBPs and up the speeds in the MBs?

    seems likely to me.Seems highly unlikely to me because above 2GHz, Merom's are way too expensive to go into MacBooks. But I would love to see 2GHz Meroms go into MacBooks sooner than later.

    On the MBP front, we should see them go up to 2.16 and 2.33 GHz Meroms very soon.

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  • ricksbrain
    Nov 26, 10:56 AM
    But tablets are always marketed for business types. A home-centric tablet might have some legs-- especially if Apple goes the home automation route.

    Dare to dream... :rolleyes:

    Jul 23, 09:28 AM
    [/SIZE]Merom won't be going away in 2007. So no yutz need apply for next mobile processor amticipation duty all of next year, unless of course you mean the 4 core Mobile version of Merom coming next Fall '07. :)And Santa Rosa will add to Merom's Power next Spring. That's what I'm waiting for as well. :)

    I was wondering where you heard that there is going to be a 4 core mobile version of Merom coming Fall '07. Any roadmaps i've read for intel, including that one you linked to (and the Tom's Hardware one) don't mention it. In fact, I didn't even read of a desktop 4 core processor being released until let alone 2007 in a laptop.

    I'm wondering where you heard this because I'm getting a MBP for college next summer and if there were quad core MBPs coming out in the fall I would wait.

    (Oh, and if I misinterpreted 4 cores to equal Quad core on a single processor, please clarify what you meant.)

    Apr 5, 01:03 PM
    Lame. You can be sure Toyota will capitulate to the Apple strong arm.

    Nov 11, 09:28 AM
    Blah blah blah. Lack of AV software makes Macs very unattractive to business settings.

    One of the barriers to integrating Macs into corporate and business environments is the lack of anti-virus tools. Yeah, you can dismiss this as FUD (and maybe there's some truth to that) but the fact remains--someday, one way or another, there will be a Mac OS X virus. I defy you to find one IT dept. in the country that wants to be caught off-guard by that. If you're going to have Macs in a business environment, the IT staff needs to know that they're protected in the event of an OS X virus outbreak. Whether any OS X viruses exist now or not and whether AV companies are trying to sell products with FUD is irrelevant in that context.

    Those of you who want to see wider adoption of Macs in business environments ought to be happy to see this kind of thing showing up, regardless of whether you personally need it or not.

    Yes, a lot of organizations require Macs to run AV software to protect Windows machines from each other. The idea is to make sure that infected documents don't get forwarded through Macs from one Windows box to another.

    Since I haven't been that happy with NAV, I decided to try Sophos. After a day or two, something mysteriously trashed all my account desktop settings, so, I uninstalled it. It might be a complete coincidence, or, it might be something related to Sophos-- I didn't have the time to figure it out. YMMV. But, I do suggest some deliberate testing before adopting it on a wider scale.

    Mar 29, 03:50 PM
    Note that MS is dropping the standalone Zune hardware, and moving the Zune interface into Windows Phone 7.

    If your phone can do it all, why make standalone music players?

    I think the iPod market (especially the Touch) will have a long tail, and there's no reason for Apple to not profit from it in the meantime. Specifically, it will continue to satisfy the young 'uns demographic, the parents of whom are not yet willing to commit to a phone contract.

    Dec 5, 07:50 AM
    It really appears as if TomTom didn't create any real inventory, and waited to see how popular the device would be. Now they are creating inventory based on orders. Not great, but I just don't think the car kit is worth $130 (w/tax) so I'll wait. The longer they wait to deliver it may be a plus for us because maybe we'll get a chance to see and hear reactions to the Magellan car kit.

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