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free may 2011 calendar template

free may 2011 calendar template. may 2011 calendar template.
  • may 2011 calendar template.

  • milo
    Sep 11, 03:20 PM
    Should we really be so confidently predicting that there'll be no MBP or MB upgrades because they "take away" from the excitement of the Media announcements? Surely, 99% of the population couldn't care less when a chip is upgraded, and won't even notice the change. Sure, it might take away from the excitement for some of us geeks on here, but for a lot of people, won't it be a complete non-event, easily eclipsed by the shiny new media stuff?

    It's something the press would include in their story. If the laptops are updated separately, the story is 100% about "showtime" stuff.

    Movie service with 320x240 movies, Airport Express AV with compostie and s-video only.

    I don't think we'll get HD anything, but I think we will get at least 480. 320x240 is OK for iPods and tv shows, but Apple realizes that they'd get slammed if they try and pass off such a low rez in the living room.

    Oh really? So tell me what the Front Row G5 iMac and the iPod nano had to do with last years iTunes Phone Special Event.

    Those weren't at the same event, were they? The nano was with the phone, and later Front Row showed up with the iPod with video. And generally, apple hasn't been doing computer refreshes at events, just major updates (which lately has been intel, and not even all of those have had events).

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  • repeters
    May 4, 05:07 PM
    It would be nice to know more details.

    (1) How will users on other than FAST cable modems get Loin?
    (2) How can we make emergency backups? I've been in a number of places were downloading gigabytes of data was not a viable option.
    (3) Did this idea spring from the "mind" of the same genius who came up with the New and Improved Apple Discussion boards?

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  • amateurmacfreak
    Jul 22, 02:04 PM
    I would really like to see Apple have a laptop cheaper than $1,100, and I think there would be a definite market for the, especially for teenagers looking into getting a Mac. I know that's unlikely, but...
    Anyways I hope that the MBPs get the processor update (and a new enclosure) very soon and I really hope the MBs and Mac Minis follow soon after.
    I don't get any reason for Apple not too, and I think with Intel it would be possible for Apple to get some cheaper computers out there. It would be nice, but seems unlikely.... *sighs*

    free may 2011 calendar template. calendar template may 2011.
  • calendar template may 2011.

  • tjb1013
    Mar 29, 11:17 AM
    This looks good to me. My pain point is syncing my 120GB or so of music with a hard drive that I have at my office. I don't need to stream music from the cloud, but that's nice.

    We'll soon have USB-sized drives that hold that much data. I'll probably hold out for some kind of one-time cost like that. Even now the drives that hold this stuff are about wallet sized, so it's just a matter of bringing it home once in a while and syncing it up. The price point is great, but not something I want to pay yet.

    I use AWS for some Web servers and it has been a fantastic service. I agree with the poster above that this paves the way for Amazon to be the defacto content supplier on Android devices. Not a bad place to be.

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  • AppleMacDudeG4
    May 4, 06:43 PM
    While I do enjoy downloading apps from the app store since I get the immediacy of not having to drive to the mall, find a parking space, go to the Apple store and then having to drive back home, I do not like the idea of downloading an entire OS over the Internet. The size of the file would mean several hours waiting.

    I rather just have a DVD that I can reuse if something goes wrong.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 01:39 PM
    Quality would probably go down.

    Highly debatable. More than likely working conditions would be far superior to what they are in China or Japan, and everyone knows happy employees are good employees.

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  • may 2011 calendar template.

  • rans0m00
    Mar 29, 01:30 PM
    Glad they have moved forward with it and who cares if they might have copied off an Apple rumor. I am looking forward to Apple going with their cloud service if it integrates with the current ipod interface. Like I can just pick cloud library or local. Or even better just list them all together with an option to not list suspected duplicates. The fact Amazon was able to release this so effort free shows how much future planning they have done compared to Apple. Also I am not so big on paying the energy bill to keep my desktop on 24/7 so I can access my files not to mention I have DSL so my upload speeds are good enough for audio but I could not stream video without a huge decrease in quality.

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  • rodriguise
    May 6, 03:51 AM
    I can see apple maybe putting an ARM chip in the macbook so it can run in low power tablet mode, but to complete replace the CPU really makes no sense. However lots that the do seldom makes sense, so who knows. The reason I won't be buying a mac again is simply because they are severly underpowered, gaming really sucks on them compared to what you can get on a PC.

    free may 2011 calendar template. may 2011 calendar template.
  • may 2011 calendar template.

  • -aggie-
    May 4, 11:59 AM
    If i remember right, last time you tried we had to take you to the White Witch of Cupertino Mountains to get rid of your tail...

    Your insolence grows tiresome. :)

    What does the OP mean we found a healing treasure and it has no effect? I thought we'd get an extra 5 HP for that.

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  • appleguy123
    May 7, 05:54 PM
    Nail on the head right there. From a business standpoint that makes tremendous sense. Apple would likely pull in much more revenue from advertisers placing content on a regular basis than they would from a limited subscription base. Make the service free, more people use it, apple brings in more $ from iAd services.

    Remember This (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/10/22/apple-exploring-ad-supported-operating-systems/)?

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  • flopticalcube
    May 4, 11:20 PM
    You metric people ought to hook up with the military time people.

    Odd you should say that as the US military is an early adopter of things metric, at least by US standards. (there's a pun in there)

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 06:20 PM
    Just gave the problem to my 12 year old brother. Yup, its 288. To all you people who still believe it's 2, I hope you don't deal with math a lot in your careers. It might also be a good idea for you to hire somebody else to do your taxes ;)

    So he is the man. Does he do your taxes?:D

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  • Macaroony
    May 3, 01:52 AM
    My margarine is in metric. As is my moo-cow-****-milk, and many other things :D
    Don't forget the chocolate moo-cow-****-milk!

    I buy that in liters.

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  • Fuchal
    Apr 23, 05:08 PM
    Uhmm, how about 640x480? Or less, with the vic 20.

    I remember my pos compaq 386sx2 that came defaulted to 800x600... In 1994.

    Back ot, why is apple dealing wih 3200x3200? Are they abandoning the tradition 4:3, 16x9 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

    iPad wallpapers are also square, so they can be rotated evenly

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  • ghostlyorb
    Mar 30, 09:12 PM
    I wish I had an extra $100 laying around.. I would get into the developer program!

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 3, 08:55 AM
    > btw< the macbook pro im using runs at 2.33Ghz. :DI misunderstood the context. Sorry. It's Steve saying that in the SteveNote. My bad. :) :o

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  • Nuvi
    May 9, 02:12 AM
    But I just got the email notice that mine/ours is just about to renew, too. To have it become free for new users in a week, or a month, even, would be somewhat of a bite . . .

    I'm sure it won't be full MobileMe if its ever going to happen. I'm betting my money on Apple lowering the price but in that case the old subscribers get extra space.

    free may 2011 calendar template. calendar template may 2011.
  • calendar template may 2011.

  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 23, 10:03 AM
    Why do I have some weird feeling that they will update the entire product line at WWDC?

    If they did, it could work out quite well from a marketing point of view. However, I doubt it will all happen at WWDC. Maybe around September.

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  • thelookingglass
    Mar 30, 09:18 AM
    MobileMe may be revamped, but the price will be higher - just to match Apple's image.

    Just like how the iPad's price is sky high?

    Steve Jobs was quoted as saying recently that everytime they've priced for volume (i.e., priced low in the hopes of greater sales) they've seen success. When they haven't priced for volume, their success has been more attenuated. Now this was regarding media and the iTunes store, but there's no reason cloud services couldn't be the same, particularly given how competitive this sphere will be and the fact that there's no real marketing benefit to "premium" data pricing (as opposed to premium laptop/notebook pricing where higher prices can contribute to a perception of higher quality).

    Apr 7, 10:58 AM
    Ehh, purposeful or not (as a sabotage)...not good news for iPad competition:( Which isnt good news for us iPad users...Apple needs constant pressure to release revolutionary products.

    The iPod hasn't see ANY competition in the past 10 years and they seem to be doing fine with pushing that product line.

    May 6, 01:49 AM
    If my understanding of processor architectures are correct, the CISC processors have become a hybrid. There's a core part that is probably more similar to a RISC and a pre-processor that translates the CISC operations to the core. At least this was my understanding of the AMD Thunderbird chips from 10+ years ago. RISC chips moved in a similar and opposite direction, adding more instructions. Kind of counter to the original idea of RISC.

    Thank you.

    Jul 21, 09:27 PM
    now if apple can build a laptop that won't give me a first degree burn we're in business :cool:

    May 4, 03:04 PM
    What is the "App Store"?

    That is that generic thing where you download Android Applications from .... :D

    Aug 11, 10:49 AM
    I'm waiting until revB MacBooks anyway, but it's nice to hear that Apple will aggresively upgrade the CPUs.

    But if you think about it, they have to. Because Dell and every other PC vendor will be using the latest and greatest from Intel, so Apple will need to as well.

    If they can drop in the newer chip without raising the price, go for it! :D

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