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Refill Franchise Business

Is Refill Franchise a Great Business Opportunity?

If a person would like to get a less stressful business opportunity, business franchise is one of the best options that may come into mind. What removes the stress from the future business owner is that they need not to think about conceptualizing about the business. What they just need to do is to pay the initial payment and the royalties and they will continue be in business. Being free from too much business brainstorming, they can be more focused in the main business management itself.

Refill Cartridge Franchise Business

Refill Cartridge Franchise Business

But with all the business type available for franchise, franchisees may have a lot of problem in thinking whether it is the right industry to enter on or not. One of the franchises a person can enter is the refill franchise business. However, the question still remains to be the same. Is it the best business opportunity for everyone?

First of all, it is important for the business owner to take a look at the nature of the business. Particularly, these refill businesses focus on refilling inks, toners and cartridges for printers. With the avenue of computers and the importance of in-home printing jobs, it seems that this business venture starts to have high demands from the consumers. A lot of people, especially the students and office workers would like to have their documents printed at home or at the office. However, getting original ink cartridges can be costly depending on the type of printer. This is where ink refills come in.

Ink refills are more than 50 percent cheaper than getting the original cartridge. This is the reason why a lot of people would opt to get refills than buy the original ones. But even with its high demands, you can see in the market that this is the least chosen franchise all over the world. For the year 2010, there is only one ink refill franchise that has been in the market and has a lower rank than the others business franchises.

The possible reasons for this is that even if there is a high demand on ink refills, there are still a lot of consumers who have some problems with refills like blotting and smears. The reason for this is that the cartridge is unbalanced refilled with ink. Aside from this, there can be some cartridges that is not easy to refill compared to other types. These could be the possible scenario why people are having second thoughts in getting this type of business venture.

So the answer to the question is that refill franchise may not be the best business franchise venture compared to others. However, a business owner can still make a difference by properly practicing the techniques involved on this business venture. Once a lot of people may experience less blotting or smear, they may be recommended to other clients and be more competitive in the business world. Basically, it is the combination of right strategy and skills, which is very important in whatever business venture a person would like to try.

Food Franchise Business

Is Food Franchise a Great Business Opportunity?

Franchising is perhaps the most chosen business opportunity for people these days. On this type of business, a lot of people would feel that every card needed for the business has already been laid down. All the franchisee should do is just to start the business and start to earn profit from it. However, franchising would also require the franchisees to find the right business industry to be their niche. Among these niches is the food industry.

Food Franchise BusinessSo is the food industry a good industry to explore on in terms of business. Looking at the nature of the business, food is considered to have the highest demands in the world. It is true that food is one of the primary needs of every individual. Of course, food is needed by humans to live. With this, you can expect high demands on it. Notice this, once a person gets hungry, they would immediately look for fast food chains, convenience stores, and restaurants where they can buy food. Whether they would dine or just eat it along the way, they should be able to find food to eat.

From this point, the answer whether this industry is the best franchise opportunity or not is yes. Aside from taking human nature into consideration, you can see from the statistics that a lot of businesses have taken advantage of the food demand worldwide. This is the reason why you will see that majority of the business franchises these days focus on food.

Although getting in the food business is already beneficial, it is still important for you to research for the right companies or types of food businesses for your business venture. For example, take a look if the company is very popular in the market. In this way, you can say that all your royalties are worth investing on that business brand.

Another thing to consider is the location where you will be allowed to establish the franchise. Do you think that the location is good for the business? Or would other types of business would be better. Would you think a restaurant would be better on the venue or will you benefit more if you will be allowed to establish a fast food instead? Is the location a bit far from grocery stores so can a convenience store will match the location better. With this, it is essential for you to compare these businesses and research on the ones that will match the location type. Check on all potential food business franchise opportunities possible as you may miss out on the best companies.

Remember that there are a lot of food companies offering their franchises for consumers so there are a lot of options to choose from. Remember that this is among the best business franchise opportunities so better prepare your strategies and studies in order to make it work positively for you. This industry will definitely help an individual start earning the best profit that will help them in times of their finances.

Travel Agency Business

Is Travel Franchise a Great Business Opportunity?

Starting the business in an easier way is the reason why most business explorers would choose to get a career in franchising. Just imagine being able to start the business with the maximum help from the parent company. This will help a business owner to be more confident in managing the business since they have help from the main companies. No matter if franchising would require people to pay some upfront payments as well as payment for the business brand name, this is still the best choice for people who want to start their business.

Travel Franchise Business

Travel Franchise Business

These days, a lot of businesses extend their franchise for people and among these are the ones that center their services in traveling. However, many people may have second thoughts about getting this business venture with question with its profitability.

So is this a great business opportunity? If you plan to take this franchise and would like to enter this business niche, it is very important for you to look first at the factors that may affect the traveling. It is true that some people are really into traveling. However, the importance of traveling has never been emphasized these days. In the past, traveling may only be considered as a status symbol since only the people who can afford to travel can go on trips. These days however, people have been very fatigued because of daily stressors. Traveling is now an avenue where they can relax from all these stress.

Because of the increasing demands in traveling, there is also an increasing demand in traveling agencies. These agencies are the ones responsible in arranging travel package for family or couple trips. Basically, they take care of the stressful bookings for people who plan of traveling to any particular destinations.

Apart from just the stress factors, you will notice in statistics that the business franchises focused on traveling have been very competitive in the market. Majority of these companies have increased their rankings when it comes to the franchises all over the world. Not only that they have increased in profitability but a number of them have also been competitive in terms of prices. This means that some of them have already cheapen out their initial franchise charges so people may start their business on this industry.

Apart from travel agencies, accommodations such as hotels have also been very popular in the franchising world. Since travel is increasing in demand, there is also an increased demand in terms of accommodations. With this, a lot of hotel chains also started to distribute their franchises for people who plan to be on the travel industry.

In conclusion, getting on the travel industry is also a good business opportunity. However, always remember to get the right companies where you can invest your money and start to be successful on it. Search on the internet the best business companies that would be very beneficial for people who are planning to enter to get into the business world in terms of royalties, quality and initial payments.

Service Businesses Franchise

Is Service Businesses Franchise a Great Business Opportunity?

Upon hearing the term business franchise, the first things that may come into mind are only products. These are the items that a person may sell that would offer solutions for consumers’ needs. The products may vary from basically anything and everything that a person may need like food, health products and the likes. However, even services can now be franchised these days.

Service Franchise Business

Service Franchise Business

One of the main questions however is whether this business franchise industry is a great business opportunity. If you will look these days, there are also a lot of people who are in need of services either for work or their homes. Because of this demand you can say that this business is also a good opportunity to consider for people who want to have their businesses.

Just what are the services that are in demand these days among consumers? The top service that should be considered is cleaning services. These days, a lot of people would like to sell their properties so they would like to curb up its looks with the help of cleaning services. They are professional cleaners that will help them improve the look of their properties and increase its value for the sale. Aside from just the cleaning services, there are also some companies that would help them restore the looks of their homes. Getting these services will definitely in improve their properties.

Aside from the just residential cleaning, commercial cleaning is also among the top industry to choose from. This is where the franchise will distribute people to render their janitorial services to companies so their company will be very well maintained since they have personnel that will work for them.

The next type of service business is children services. With all the parents’ busy schedule these days, a lot of them would choose to get these children services like nannies to take care of their kids. This will reduce their worries about leaving the children for work since they have reliable individuals to take care of them. And since they are busy, they may also not have the time to teach their child for their home works or tutor them some advanced subjects. This is where the tutoring services come in.

Finally, there are a lot of people concerned about their pets. Pets can be expensive depending on breeds so a lot of pet owners would get dog grooming services for their beloved canine pets. These would include pet salons that will take care of how their pets will look. Apart from just the looks, dog owners would also like to have disciplined pets so a lot of them get pet training services especially for dogs. With this, they will not have that much problems on stained carpets and chewed couches and slippers.

In conclusion, service businesses can be very profitable for consumers. Just take a look on different types of service businesses offered and think of the target market that you may want to venture on so you can start the best business franchise that would earn you the additional income that you need.

Career Franchise Business

Is Career Franchise a Great Business Opportunity?

People can find many business opportunities these days like franchising. However, many people still think whether career in franchise is one great business opportunity or not. The truth is that franchising has a lot of characteristics that can be very advantageous for every people who will try it like the following.

Career Franchise Business

Career Franchise Business

First of all, the franchisee will be able to establish their business without even spending too much effort or time in brainstorming for the right business to establish as well as the structure. Since it will be a franchise, the company will grant the use of the business brand and products for their franchisee. With this, they will not be stressed of the items that they will sell in the business since the ideas are already provided by the main company.

The next benefit is that the franchisee can experience maximal income from the franchise. Primarily, the company where they will get their business franchise is already a stable company. This will assure them of greater income than to start their own businesses. Starting a business would require some time before the company will be popular in the market so they may not yet gain the best income to make the business profitable.

Third, the franchisee will be able to get around the business easily because of the fact that many of these companies offer training. With this, they will be able to know how the business runs and even be knowledgeable of the appropriate business strategies that they can do to keep the business going smoothly. You may also try to check on companies if they also have personnel training. This is if you will need a number of staff in your business venture.

Fourth, franchise businesses cover a lot of industries. This means that it will be able to supply business for people regardless of the industry that they want to serve. Potential franchisees may choose from the food industry, services, travel and hotel services, and a lot more. Basically, these products are services are in need by consumer so the franchisee can be assured of increased income because of the demands.

So by considering all these advantages, you can say that career in franchising is a great business opportunity for everyone. But of course, getting the franchise is not the first step in working on this industry. The earlier part of looking for the right business would require in-depth research about the companies. Although they are already known to be beneficial for every franchisee, it is still important for them to know the best company to give your the investment to. You have to research on the background of the company and even the number of their current franchises throughout the location that they serve.

Without a doubt, franchise business is a great opportunity in business but it does not mean that you will not really do your own research for it. The franchising companies just made your task easier but you still need to assess every information to get the business suitable for you.

Preschool Franchise Business

Kids Preschool Franchise Fees Income Opportunity

DRS group is a renowned business house with well diversified interests and a combined turnover in excess of 500 crores. DRS International School at Hyderabad since 2003 and a chain of over 100 preschools across India under the brand name DRS Kids and Edify Kids have made its presence in the field of education. Curriculum designed on primary year program (International Baccalaureate (IB)) guidelines.

  • Theme based activity centric curriculum
  • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness program
  • Low Investment with high returns with an agreement of 10 years.
  • Training support for the Center Head / Owners for the insight into the program and the management aspects.
  • Marketing support (includes national print and electronic media).
  • Team experts have hand picked teaching aids and resources.

The increasing Global competition has awakened parents to the fact that children need to be fully equipped to face challenges from a young age. Facing a tough struggle to get admission to kindergarten has made them realize that the situation demanded right grooming for their child from an even early age. It was then that the need for pre-schooling was acutely felt. In spite of this, the demand for quality inadequate pre-schools throughout the country is enormous. The recent past has seen the entry of reputed organizations, with a more professional approach, into the field. They have enjoyed a fair amount of success. And paved the way for a new entrant “EDIFY Kids” to grab a major share of the market.

Proven Backing

EDIFY KIDS is an initiative of the DRS GROUP, a well-known business house with diversified interests, with a combined turnover in excess of Rs. 500 crores. DRS has already made its presence felt in the field of education by establishing “DRS International School” at Hyderabad in 2003. Right from inception of operation, DRS International School has moved from strength to strength has created a niche market for itself in the international school arena, truly with its motto, “Strive to Surpass”, DRS International School has pledged to create a society of progressive thinking individuals by providing the finest quality education to its students.

Since inception in 2003, DRS International School has been striving to bring about a transformation in the education scenario. The endeavor is not so much to ‘teach’ the child but to empower the student to embark upon his\her own exciting journey of discovery and learning. It firmly believes that students and teachers are Co-travelers on the road to knowledge and self-actualization.

An ISO Certified Institution, DRS International School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) awarding school. The Board of advisors comprising eminent personalities including Sri T. N. Seshan, IAS, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India and Sri Gulab Ramchandani Ex Head Master, Doon School.

Firmly committed to its vision, DRS International School has, in a short span of time, succeeded in making a mark upon the educational landscape and today figures among the leading schools in the country.

1PARTICULARS (Tier I Cities)1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year6th Year
2No. of Students -PG202530303035
3No. of Students -IK-1152025303035
4No. of Students -IK-2151520253035
5No. of Students -IK-31515203035
6Total no. of Students507590105120140
7Tuition Fee per Student200020002200220024002400
8Total Monthly Tuition fee100000150000198000231000288000336000
9Period of Operation in Months121212121212
10Total Yearly fee ( A )120000018000002376000277200034560004032000
11Admission fee (Non Refundable)500050005000500050005000
12Application Registration fee500500500500500500
13Total revenue from adm fee ( B )250000125000750007500075000100000
14Note: Application fee of 500Rs is not added in Total revenue from adm fee.
15Annual fee (one time Non Refundable)200020002000250025002500
16Total Annual fee100000150000180000262500300000350000
18Total Revenue Yearly (A+B+C)155000020750002631000310950038310004482000
19Royalty on tution fee @ 14% from 4th year onwards calucalated
20Royalty on Tuition fee @ 18% (on each child)216000324000427680388080483840564480
21Total Revenue less Royalty133400017510002203320272142033471603917520
22Recurring expenses
23Salary Teaching Staff @ 12:1 (teacher @ 5000 average)150002500030000350004500050000
24Salary Non Teaching Staff80001000012000140001600018000
26Stationary & Out-of-pocket expenses400060008000100001200014000
28Telephone Charges100012001400160018002000
29Local Promotion600060008000800060006000
30Rent for school250002750030250332753660340263
31Total monthly expenses6300084700101150115875133403148263
32Period of Operation in Months121212121212
33Total yearly expenses (2)75600010164001213800139050016008301779153
34Gross Profit
35Total GP578000734600989520133092017463302138367
36Fixed expenses
37Agreement Fee285000
39Annual Extension Fee750075007500
40Total Fixed expenses285000
41Net Profit after expenses293000734600989520132342017388302130867
471st Year18%
482nd Year18%
493rd Year18%
514th Year14%
525th Year14%
536th Year14%
557th Year10%
568th Year10%
579th Year10%
5810th Year10%
60The above percentage mentioned will be calculated on Tuition Fee only
624th Year to 10th Year an annual fee of Rs. 7500/- will be charged.
64There is added advantage to the above proposal from the 4th year onward if the royalty goes up beyond 2.75 lacks per annum, then the associates will have to pay only 2.75 lacks per annum and from the 7th year only 2 lacks per annum.