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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 11:26 AM
    It should be free. Further lock people into this ecosystem. Besides, the future is in the cloud...

    You've said the magic words Friscohoya. "Lock". Unlike Google's web initiative, Apple making MobileMe free can only benefit iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps and the Mac community.

    I still think there should be a paid version for heavy duty users that want a better performing iDisk and more cloud features. But the masses would be happy with lite versions of what we have now sans the cost.

    People need to remember that Apple is building an NC datacenter...no make that a HUGE NC datacenter. It is so large that it defies logic as to what they're going to do with it. Current MobileMe subscriptions cannot explain why this datacenter is 500 thousand sq ft.

    I expect that we're going to see Lala style music streaming from this dc. Free MobileMe is likely and other cloud services.

    Good article on NC datacenter with pic (http://digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/20100222/that�s-apple�s-new-data-center-where�s-the-giant-glass-cube/)

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 08:00 PM
    We disagree, but I'll guess we'll find out in a month.
    Good info. Thanks. Any link you can provide with this info all in one spot?

    Best link i've found is




    salient quote from Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge

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  • Sadly Zac Brown#39;s fifth album

  • mdriftmeyer
    Apr 23, 11:56 PM
    They use a lot more CPU time to process though. A JPG can be quickly converted to a bitmap and sent off to the GPU, a vector image has to be rendered before conversion to bitmap. Just imagine moving your mouse over the Dock with magnification on, each icon would need to be re-rendered for every time the mouse moved one pixel. With bitmaps, it's all done by the GPU. When there're hundreds of icons on display at once, that will probably become quite CPU intensive. I'm not surprised KDE supported it, it's open source, and we all know Linux is the king of feature creep.

    You said yourself that wallpapers should be vector graphics. And by that, I presumed you meant the background in the subject of the thread. Safari supports SVG, but imo, it's not really a big thing that there's no support for it as a wallpaper. It's not the first thing people think of when they list Snow Leopard's shortcomings :P

    What intelligent Developer would use the CPU to convert Vectors -> Bitmaps when they have a GPGPU to do the heavy lifting? Certainly not Apple.

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  • and it was just like it

  • Hype2k2
    Mar 26, 09:30 PM
    At least, according to TechCrunch, it is.

    Why am I not surprised there?



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  • Miranda Lambert is, without a

  • ddrueckhammer
    Jul 30, 01:22 PM
    To those who just want a phone that works. If this iPod Phone doesn't work out, I would recommend the new Nokia 6103 (T-mobile) or its Cingular equivalant in the US. It has superb call quality compared to all the other phones I have had including RAZRs. It does have other features like Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Camera, mp3 ringers etc, but the main point is that it is a durable phone that can make a receive calls at very good quality. The other features are bonuses. I don't know why Nokia has the best call quality, (at least on T-mobile and Cingular in my area) but in my experience this is no myth.

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  • Miranda Lambert The House That

  • Tyrion
    Apr 20, 09:06 AM
    So many has bought an iPhone 4. At&t and Verzion.

    We all are on a 2 year contract.

    Yes, the US is literally the entire world. There are no other countries, let alone other countries with 12-month contracts. Why, Sir, that would be inconceivable!

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  • Album of the Year - Miranda

  • LOLaMac
    Apr 26, 02:46 PM
    Wow. A platform that is available on all four major carriers and has dozens of phones, passed the iPhone (which *just* became available on its second carrier) in overall usage. So I guess Google should be patting themselves on the back for this historic achievement.

    Except that each and every single person who has purchased an Android phone could have purchased an iPhone instead. The fact there is one Android phone or ten Android phones is irrelevant. Every one of those people could have chose to buy an iPhone. They didn't.

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  • Pay for Miranda Lambert - Dead

  • bloodycape
    Apr 18, 04:55 PM
    Apple brings out the 'App Store'.. everyone copies them....It's generic.

    except the appstore is/was nothing new. They just took what handango website was doing and made it into a convenient app instead of going to a website.

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  • See the full album here.

  • Discoverer
    May 4, 05:47 PM
    Seeing it first time, but yeah it's fast and cheap and no caps.

    Everything would be great in Lithuania, if it wasn't for the Russian occupants problem.

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  • iMeowbot
    Jul 30, 11:37 PM
    iphone.org isn't owned by Apple, therefore, Someone who wanted to fool people and couldn't afford to pay for a .com name could have easily bought this name and just directed it to apple.com.
    It is owned by Apple, and has been for years. Nobody knows why, the .org would be kind of obscure for pushing a product.

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  • 0815
    Apr 5, 03:00 PM
    (throw out Android tablet and iOS tablet as those are different categories and distort reality).

    I guess you mean they disturb your view of the world .... ;)

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  • goMac
    Apr 18, 03:39 PM
    Have you seen Windows GUI? It's also almost identical - rows of icons and task bar at the bottom. Did Microsoft sue Apple? No.

    That's because Microsoft copied Apple (or NeXT really.) The NeXT dock predates the taskbar in Windows, and at the time a lot of people felt that's where Microsoft got the taskbar from.

    If you go back to Windows 3.1, no taskbar. And then suddenly Windows 95 which shipped after NeXTStep, there is a taskbar.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 30, 05:38 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/30/apple-releases-mac-os-x-lion-developer-preview-2/)


    Apple today pushed out a new developer preview version of Mac OS X Lion, offering an updated build of the company's next-generation operating system for testing purposes. The new version is Build 11A419.

    Changes included in the update are currently unknown. We've also heard that Apple pushed out a minor update via Software Update to developers testing the initial Lion build, an update that will allow them to download updates through the Mac App Store.

    It was reported (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/25/apple-already-nearing-golden-master-candidate-versions-of-mac-os-x-lion/) a few days ago that Apple is already nearing the release of "golden master candidate" versions to developers, despite a distinct lack of polish and even basic functionality in the initial version issued late last month. Consequently, developers will be looking closely at the new build for signs of progress.

    Apple has stated that Mac OS X Lion will be released to the public this summer, and the operating system is of course expected to be one of the major topics of discussion at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference scheduled (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/28/wwdc-2011-set-for-june-6th-10th/) for June 6th-10th.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/30/apple-releases-mac-os-x-lion-developer-preview-2/)

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 16, 06:41 PM
    Except that Apple has typically released only the 15 inch model before later introducing the 17 (and 12 when they existed) when they do major updates. Witness the introduction of the Al case and the Intel switch. Of course it matters whether this is a major update. If, like the iMacs, there is not a major case redesign and it is just a processor bump then expect them to be released simultaneously. But if there is a change in case, I would be surprised (pleasantly though) if the 17 came out at the same time.You need to brush up on your Mac history.

    Original Aluminum PowerBook G4 was only 17" for 8 long months (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook_g4/stats/powerbook_g4_1.0_17.html) introduced January 7, 2003 at MacWorld Expo SF by Steve Jobs. It ran at 1GHz and had two USB 1.1 ports. :p

    The first 15" PM G4 in an Aluminum case running @ 1GHz & 1.25GHz (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook_g4/stats/powerbook_g4_1.25_15.html) with two USB 2 ports didn't appear until Paris Apple Expo September 16 also introduced by Steve Jobs in his Paris keynote that morning. At that same time the 17" lost the USB 1.1 ports and went USB 2 also as well as to a top speed of 1.33GHz (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook_g4/stats/powerbook_g4_1.33_17.html). Only 3 short years ago today. :eek: ;)

    So there is no predictable introduction order. But this time it MUST be the whole line because of the C2D leap. ;)

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  • shompa
    Aug 7, 04:23 PM
    Are these specific Mac GPU's with Mac roms or can we finally use a selection of PC GPU's? If so then the base GPU isn't an issue, just use it for the second screen.

    what will happen if I use bootcamp and put in a PC grafic card?

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  • nived
    Aug 11, 09:30 AM
    It would be cool for them to keep the yonah in the low-end MacBook. That way with the price drop they could get back to a $999 entry-level notebook.

    Merom definitely in the Black Macbook though, if this is true.

    Why would they keep a 32-bit processor in the macbook when they're pushing 64-bit with Lepoard?

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  • BenRoethig
    May 6, 07:23 AM
    Makes sense in that apple could control their own destiny in chipsets and CPUs, but it just seems like the PowerPC days all over again.

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  • (1) Revolution by Miranda

  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 11:24 AM
    Slot Load Blu-ray Drive Exists � Sony Sells Blu-ray VAIOs

    And I wouldn't be opposed to having a blu-ray drive in my MBP, though I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon what with the blue laser shortages at Sony.

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  • marksman
    Apr 18, 03:57 PM
    Pretty textbook case of biting the hand that feeds you here, even if Samsung business units are separated.

    Obviously you mean Samsung is biting the hand that feeds them as they are ripping off their biggest screen component customer.

    You are right it is dumb for Samsung to have done that, and I am sure the people who run the screen business are pissed as hell at the idiots in the cell phone and tablet division who pissed off their best customer.

    In case you don't understand how business dynamics work, which I suspect you don't, Apple is one of the biggest, if not the biggest customer of Samsung Corp in existence. Another division of that company did something that really pissed off this important customer, enough that the customer ended up suing because of it.

    Samsung is the one who screwed up here not Apple... and why people think Apple should not protect its design rights, well I don't understand.

    Some people seem to think that Samsung's logic is "Well they are our customer so it is okay if we steal from them" is just in outerspace.

    Mar 29, 03:24 PM
    How about "Legal" immigrants?

    I'm one of them. My family came here a decade ago with $100 bucks in our pockets. We worked like there's no tomorrow and now we have houses, our kids are graduating colleges.

    The way I see it is that "american born and bred" group of people (there's only 1 race - human race) has been spoiled with entitlements and what not. Times are changing and this group is not prepared. This group has to compete with "legal" immigrants and "illegal" immigrants. It's really hard for them because they've never face such competitions before. They have to change their attitude in order to compete. Some realized this and some didn't. Those who realized this is already prepared and are pretty well ahead of the race. Those who didn't are those that're complaining.

    Now, back to the topic. :D

    Jul 29, 10:37 PM
    If apple could get one of the phone carriers to go with the free song plan, maybe one of the smaller ones like Alltel, they could single handedly turn Alltel into a major player. Alltel and Apple would both win.

    one problem, that will never happen. Alltel does not own their network or even remotly have any form of cash to set it up. they just rent their network. Second, you can offer as much as of a cool device as you want, but its not going to cause millions of people to just dump their plans, break their contracts and switch. Mac cool-aid, down, now!

    As far as Verizon goes, they used to be ahead of the game with having LG exclusive, used to be a big thing but no more and they are late on some phones but always have LG. Now, ive been with verizon with 5 years and had it from when I was in Michigan to now in Cali and their service has always been superb. Although, due to a lack of new cool phones and the stupid menue on all the phones thatlooks the same, ive been tempted to switch to Cingular, cause I love the Sony Erricson phones.

    May 5, 09:27 AM
    Sure, the math was simple, but how meaningful are all these crazy fractions?

    About as meaningful as the need to figure out one third of 13/16.

    Out of interest, how would you enter (3' 7 13/16") / 3 into a standard calculator?

    Keystroke for keystroke, just the way you did it, except substitute the fraction symbol for the apostrophe and quote symbols you used for feet and inches. I own several calculators, and they'll all do this.

    Nov 30, 01:47 AM
    I wonder if it will actually come this time

    Apr 29, 01:41 AM
    What has me wondering, is how Apple might support the 14 SATA devices that the X79 chipset will natively provide. Presumably, they will determine that their average customer only needs X SATA ports, and the rest will be left unexposed. With TB support, this may not be that big of an issue for those that really need or want 10-12 drives.
    They already provide fewer USB ports than the ICH10 actually provides (12 on the chip, but Apple only provides access to 5), so it's certainly possible this sort of thinking could be applied elsewhere.

    I also wonder what else they would consider denying access to in the X79 (i.e. RAID functionality in particular).

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