Kamis, 18 September 2008

Kid's Birthday Parties: Why do we do it to ourselves?

Why do we put ourselves through it?
We are going to attempt to put on a 5th birthday party for our eldest this weekend.
I say attempt because it is a Teddy Bears Picnic party.
Will it rain?  Will it be windy?  Will I be able to get my party face on in time?
The cake, the party games, the food, the weather, the stress!! 
Why am I stressed though?  All I really have to do is put on a picnic for 10 (yes count them) children between the ages of 5 and 3.  
I can't even decide on what type of food a to prepare, or which games to play and when in the hell am I going to get time to make the cake?
Frankly I'm getting a little freaked-out.  

Kamis, 11 September 2008

I love my cargo's

I love my cargo pants.  Really love them.
Aside from a couple of pairs of jeans that I cannot live without, I live in my cargos during the summer.  
In preparation for summer, I got a new pair last week, and instead of replacing my well-worn go-anywhere khaki cargo's I decided to get white.  
A risky decision I know, as I have two small children, who seem to have been born with sticky dirty hands.  I have a black dog that sheds hair incessantly and well, I can be pretty clumsy myself.
But they just looked sooo good on the rack and when I tried them on there was no denying their value to my wardrobe.  I just had to have them.  I did try on khaki and even black.  But I have black jeans, and I have khaki cargo's.  Look let's be honest, if I'd had the money to buy all three colours, I would have.  But time's are tough and the tough wear white!