Selasa, 11 November 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project

I wasn't going to watch this show because when watching the ads for it, I found that her voice made me cringe! Her affected accent just sounds soo put on!  
However I decided that in the name of research I had to watch it and after getting past her annoying accent, I found Zoe to be a very interesting person.  
What would have been even more interesting is if they spent some time on her background and history, how she got started and how she has built up relationships with designers and clients.  
Aside from that, I became fascinated with her staff.  Her right-hand woman, Taylor proved herself to be a totally take-no-prisoners kind of woman.  Over the top and difficult, especially when she had to manage new employee Brad.  Obviously micro-management was out of the question; not such difficult task, but obviously something Taylor was unfamiliar with.  
Which brings me to Brad.  
Brad, Brad, Brad...what a pain in the arse!  I would choose to let him sink too had I taken on such a useless article!  For someone who came from Vogue and claims to have worked atgetting the job with Zoe for a year, boy has he got a lot to learn!  No initiative, no motivation, no clue!  
Too much whining, too much blaming everybody else and not enough action.  Why couldn't he just take the bull by the horns and get on with the job?  He is a lacky, a shit-kicker, somebody to take care of the jobs that Taylor hasn't time for.  Something an ex-Vogue staffer would and should have had plenty of experience doing.  Accept it and get on with it.
I spent 2 days at a magazine as a fashion assistant and no one told me what to do.  I just got stuck in and did it.  I mean it's not hard!
Take episode 2 for example which features the flood in the studio.  
I was so angry with Brad's uselessness I was shouting at the TV screen in frustration!   He's faffing about complaining that he didn't know what to do, that he couldn't control the weather, that it wasn't his fault that Zoe had a faulty studio.  Boo-bloody-hoo!  All that was required of him was to remove the wet clothing from the studio.  Could he do it?  Not a chance.  Loser!
If it was me, I would have first removed the clothing from the studio, then seen to getting the clothes cleaned, cleaned up the flood while arranging for a builder come over to fix the problem.  Not difficult.  
But instead loser Brad flounders and fails.  Sack him Zoe, SACK HIM!!!!  Taylor is the keeper, not the inept and incompetent Brad!
Till next time...