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  • ssk2
    Mar 30, 12:11 PM
    Lol, I didn't think that my statements would be very controversial, but apparently there are people here that do not quite have an eye for good design. Sorry.

    Steve has spoken about Apple taking culture into their designs and products for many years. One example I listed is the beautiful new start menu in iMovie for iPad that is the marque of an old theater that even has the lights power up with authentic sound and visuals as the app opens to showcase your projects in a gallery of movie posters on the wall. Very creative and cultural!

    Wow, passive aggressive much?

    Why on earth are you trying to pass off your idea off what 'good design' is on to others? Why are you criticising others for thinking that Amazon's design and UI is actually quite nice. If you want to be an Apple apparatchik, fine, but does insult me and others in the process.

    And your last paragraph is ridiculous. Firstly, 'Steve'? Are you on first name terms with him? Laughable. Secondly, just because you think a faux-theatre veneer is 'cultural and creative' (hardly creative, something 4th graders have been doing for years...), it doesn't mean it ACTUALLY is. I mean let's get real, there's a nice polish on it and it looks pretty, but displaying movies as movie posters? Hardly a shocking revelation.

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  • backinblack875
    Mar 29, 02:42 PM
    They exist for the real music addicts. I really believe that if there is an iPod that will be the first to disappear it will be the Touch.

    the touch is the best selling ipod...it would be the last to disappear

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 5, 11:28 PM
    It sort of makes you think what it would be like if Apple took a hand at other industries. This theme is absolutely fugly. Toyota basically turned the iphone into a zone.

    What if the tables were turned? If Toyota can make the iphone so unappealing, then how much better would the design of a Toyota be if Apple redesigned it?

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  • LordTyroxx
    Apr 5, 03:15 PM
    Why all the hate for the jailbreak? Are you guys just too moronic to use it? Any iOS device is infinitely more capable when it is jailbroken. Without some of the apps in the Cydia store, many would say the iphone/ipad/touch is unusable. What is on your lockscreen all of you unjailbroken users? A measly clock? You cant access all your mail, notifications, calendar events, and the weather from your lockscreen? Are you serious? Oh you want to turn off bluetooth? You can't swipe across the bottom of the screen to toggle it? Want integrated google voice? Apple says no. Cydia says **** that, hell yes. I would wager that most of the jailbreak haters dont even know what its capable of nor have ever tried it before. Stay in your cave and watch shadows if you will. The rest of us will experience the real world.

    I had it on my iphone for a long while, even paid for a few cydia apps (like the homescreen weather and notifications) which was VERY nice. I did however get tired of the slowness of cydia app and how unorganized it was. It was also aggravating how i had to wait to update after everyone else because my phone was jailbroken and i didn't want to lose what i had. I don't hate it, but i don't love it either. It has positives and negatives like everything.

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  • OneMike
    Apr 5, 01:20 PM
    another reason why it pays to think before you act

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  • Gem�tlichkeit
    Apr 23, 08:22 PM
    Having extra resolution would probably look awesome on the GUI, but I'm afraid everything else is going to look like crap.

    The graphics used on websites, for example, would become a pixel counting fest. Unless the entire web updates their graphics, of course. But that would mean slow loading times. Imagine all the smileys used on this forum would have a resolution of 512x512 pixels, or more. Yikes!

    This won't be an issue.

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  • G4DP
    Mar 29, 02:02 PM
    I'd pay a premium for products manufactured in the US.

    Products might be more expensive, but there would be more Americans employed. As much are there is a downside to producing here, there is also an upside.

    Up to another 50% on what they already cost?

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  • killr_b
    Aug 7, 03:27 PM
    Nice!!! Most likely you made a wise decision to purchase your addional RAM and HD from a third party. Apple requires arms and legs for their optional upgrades. ;)

    I like it to show up ready to go.

    Plus, I know for sure the apple chosen ram will be flawless...
    This is a rev. A. ;)

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  • sunfast
    Nov 27, 08:13 AM
    I am sure that a tablet is coming at some point. The windows based tablets appeared too soon IMHO, were over priced and the one I used was atrocious. Maybe that made Apple hold off?

    Still, it's a great idea and who better to exploit it and make it work?

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  • bruinsrme
    Apr 9, 05:10 PM
    How do you figure 288.
    The division automatically means anything to the right is The divisor.
    48 divided by 2(9+3)
    48 divided by 2 x 12
    48 divided by 24
    Answer 2

    However if I was determining my salary 288 for sure

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  • Abstract
    Apr 10, 08:02 PM
    Wow. There are still people who think the answer is 2? I'll check back later, but please remember that not everyone is good at maths. Let it be. :p

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 17, 01:45 AM
    well i just placed my order for a 15" MBP 2.0 base model w/ an iPod 60GB

    i chatted with a rep and pointed out that i have 14 days to return. i have 30 days to submit the iPod rebate (which requires a upc cut from MBP box)

    so my status shows ship date of the 19th and arrival of the 26th!

    so kinda in a pickle with dates but the 60GB will only cost me $120 in the end.

    BTW, Im a first time mac buyer even though ive used em for years at work!

    http://static.flickr.com/81/244990126_78cbf5958d.jpgYou couldn't buy the new 80GB iPod at the new lower price of only $349? Man you are buying an obsolete inferior iPod. That is plain lame short sightedness. :eek:

    If I were you I would phone back and insist on the new 80GB model for sure.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 10:54 AM
    All hail Tim Cook!

    Seriously though, I think people are going to be surprised at how well RIM rebounds. Not that they are going to stop or even slow the iPad or iPhone train, but I will surprised if they don't carve themselves out a pretty good niche.

    They're a much more resilient company than that for which they are given credit. Do some serious research into the company as though you were looking to invest, and you'll find out that they got a little too complacent for a time, but they have some vision that will surprise people in the coming years.

    RIM can be a serious player again. They have the name and the resources as well as the most experience in the corporate world with mobile communications. But, they are loosing ground to Apple and Google based equipment faster than you can shake a stick and they don't seem to be using all their resources very well at this time.

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  • Xenious
    Sep 11, 10:02 AM
    While I am excited I'm still not convienced we can conquer the bandwidth issues for higher resolution sources. What I would really like to see (yes I'm dreaming, copywrite, etc) is iTunes to let me do what I do for music with my movies. I realize you can do this today, but lets make it built in and easy. I put a DVD in and iTunes asks me if I want to "rip" it into my video library. The fattest download pipe is when I buy a DVD off the shelf and take it home.

    At 15$ a pop I'd rather have a physical DVD. I'm one of the odd ones that was/is hoping for rental subscriptions. I would like the same model as netflix except with the downloads. I pay a monthly fee and can download and watch x movies at the same time. The beauty over netflix there is if I want to watch a movie, I can have it relatively faster then waiting for it to ship.

    Finally I of course want a real video ipod. Even if the content isn't all available yet from iTunes, I can make my own and will have the new hardware form factor. One year and holding I am waiting to upgrade my old 3G ipod with dying battery.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Nov 24, 01:32 AM
    They do know whom they're talking about right? I mean they say PC manufacturers yet palm are producing windows mobile pieces of junk. Windows mobile is the biggest piece of shite operating system - it would not be hard to come up with something a lot better (for Apple at least). And the Palm OS is very dear to my heart, but not exactly cutting edge and palm don't even own that anymore.

    Palm are washed out, end of story.

    To illustrate your point, PalmOne (if that's what the PalmOS Group is called this month...) is doing the aforemnetioned ground-up rewrite of PalmOS now (it should be available to devs soon if they're on schedule) and it's based on Linux. Stable, massively featureful, full PalmOS 5 backward-compatibility, and futureproof.

    Yet the hardware arm of Palm has said it might not buy the new sytem from the software arm. I have to imagine this has to do with posturing/playing the good little beoch to Microsoft. We know what happens to companies which partner with Microsoft... that they have proves prima facia that they're unequipped to run a company.

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  • syklee26
    Sep 15, 06:15 PM
    Any idea about the pricing of the new MBPs ?

    price will probably stay the same. if you are lucky, they might shave about $200 each but it is highly unlikely given that Merom chips are very scarce right now.

    i do see some upgrade in the lowest level MBPs though....such as:

    2.16ghz C2D
    1440 x 900 resolution
    1GB single sodimm (rather than 512mb ram)
    100gb SATA drive with option upto 160gb
    8x DL superdrive (or 8x superdrive without DL function)
    NVidia 7300GT 128mb upgradable to NVidia 7600GT 256mb
    one firewire 400 and two USB 2.0 (maybe they will add Firewire 800).

    but another point i would like to make is that, if Apple releases MBPs before the event, i don't think Apple will change any design such as adding FW800, but if Apple releases MBP at the event, then you might see some changes in design such as FW800 and different keyboards.

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  • AppleKrate
    Sep 16, 11:59 AM
    I too am interested in the display and related resolution questions.... A 17" MBP for used for video editing would make much more sense with a HD screen ie >1920x1080 (Sony already sell a 1920x1200 machine http://b2b.sony.com/Solutions/product/VGN-AR290G has a blu-ray burner too...)

    Oh, and one more thing... it's got a Core� 2 Duo inside!:eek:

    (but no OSX:p )

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  • Vice92
    Apr 10, 05:59 PM
    Math is a language we engineers, scientists, economists, etc... are fluent in.

    To us this is not-ideal delivery method, but it has a definite meaning.

    Looking at the thread, I think there is a clear dividing line. Native math speakers: scientists, engineers, programmers, etc... say 288. Others who are effectively non-native speakers may interpret 2 due to their lack of fluency.


    I don't see how you can say that. None the less how anyone can confidently answer this question.

    You arrive at 288 by multiplying 48/2 * (9+3), but that is assuming multiplication is the implied operator.

    The way the equation is written, this question simply does not make sense. Parenthesis or something similar are needed to make this equation solvable.

    You say you are fluent in mathematics, etc, but fluency requires proper syntax, which the equation simply does not have. If a professional gave me this problem to solve I would call them an idiot.

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  • Mechcozmo
    Nov 26, 01:21 PM
    All of the components would be low-end and 1-2 generations old. Basically, this is a wireless thin-client, but with enough additional resources to act as a low-end laptop.

    Like this? Linkety (http://www.oqo.com/)
    A bit more expensive than you would like, but otherwise seems to fit pretty well.

    Apr 20, 04:11 AM
    Seems about right :) iPhone 4S (or something similiar) I think it'll be called. Not iPhone 5. I think this will be the name of the 2012 iPhone :)

    I was so excited waiting for iPhone 4S (let's just call it that) I sold my iPhone 4, for an Android & found myself wanting my iPhone 4 back :( seemed silly to splash out on cash for a phone that would be updated. My android was doing my head in, & having heard the rumors that the new iPhone wouldn't be out till later than usual, I decided to just pass on iPhone this year :)

    I will be keeping an eye on iOS & the iPhone :) I can't wait to see the new iPhone and iOS 5, but iPhone 2012 and iOS 6 is where it is for me :) so excited :D It'll be 2 Major OS updates worth & a whole new design (i hope :D)

    Apr 9, 08:53 PM
    No it doesn't. It is perfectly noted and not ambiguous at all. Feel free to ask any teacher, what do you think is missing from the equation? Btw, what are basing your 100% figure on? Have u asked even one?

    (48/2)(9+3) would be straight forward. The way the formula was originally typed lends interpretation as:


    Why would someone choose to group one set with parentheses and not another unless they were being intentionally ambiguous?

    Did you call your elementary school teacher? I didn't. They taught me well enough the first time.

    Jan 6, 02:47 PM
    Mine didn't rattle... but the audio output was dropping out, so I had to return mine. It took ~ 3 weeks to get the replacement.

    Thanks for the info. I seem to have a bit of play in the part of the dock that rotates. Just holding the car kit in my hands there is play in this part of the mechanism so when I'm on the road its rattling all the time. You don't have this issue? Everything else seems to work so I'm hesitant to send it back as I might get one that's worse!

    Apr 24, 11:29 AM

    Nice Ruler for measuring your devices output:

    Side Note:
    While reading different sites about screen resolution and retina display and different Apple marketing "bluffs", I got into this:
    Which models are like this?
    Is this real or another Apple hate thing?

    Nov 26, 07:32 PM
    Like i stated in one of the other threads, this would be a great buy for Teachers, Artist, Photographers, or anyone else on the go. But, i think it would also be better if it was like IBM's tablet PC; one where you have be a laptop one minute, then a tablet the next minute.

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