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canon rebel xs eos

canon rebel xs eos. of the Canon EOS Rebel XS
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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 24, 10:42 AM
    Currently, roughly how much would a display that meets retina specs cost?

    Depends. What size display and what is the normal viewing distance for that type of display ? With both those, we can calculate the required PPI and see if something already exists in that size or not.

    You might be surprised to find out it's already out there and quite competitively priced in some cases.

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  • bobber205
    Apr 16, 08:55 PM
    Is there any good real evidence to support the right's theory that lowering taxes on rich actually DOES anything except create a bigger deficit from lost revenue?

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 15, 06:25 PM
    Which "game"? Are you "trading and investing" in companies by purchasing shares in IPOs, or are you "trading and investing" on Wall St.? If it is the latter, then basically you are buying and selling ownership interests in companies, which has almost no affect on underlying companies.

    Won't higher capital gains reduce your "take home" earned from trading in the secondary market? If so, don't hedge funds and the like start investing in more risk taking?

    What do you think is/was the riskier investment? Investing in GE or investing in a start-up like Google? Innovation? I'm fairly certain buying 100 shares of GE from my broker didn't innovate a new lightbulb, but Google has innovated and expanded with the capital it received in its IPO. If you are trying to increase your rate of return over what you get from your GE shares, would you invest in AT&T or a little start-up called Chef John Smith, Inc. because you think he's an up and coming talent? One has a big upside, but also a lot of risk.

    If the goal is to increase rate of return of an investment portfolio, your only choices are to be better at picking good stocks, or to invest in risker investments. Wouldn't that lead to an influx of start-up capital, innovation, hiring, and economic growth?

    On the other hand, you can lower capital gains and encourage people to invest conservatively in the secondary market.

    Firstly, your perspective would change completely if you ever decide to invest or trade. I don't want hedge funds going for more risk. That is what contributed to the housing bust and mortgage backed securities. I am completely self taught as a trader and investor. In fact, I don't know a single other person who does what I do. And when I do meet someone who works in finance, they are usually just a cog, and I have nothing in common with them.

    Secondly, and more importantly, I don't think a person should have to give a good reason to be able to do anything. Unless you can prove that a person's actions causes harm to others, why attack it? Our legal system works that way; the burden of proof is always on the accuser not the accused. So, even if nothing "good" comes out of trading, one shouldn't have to make apologies for it. And if you were only able to invest in IPO's, who would you sell it to? Why invest in an IPO if you can never sell it?

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  • Cbswe
    Apr 5, 01:45 PM
    I hope Apple gets Toyota to pull that crap back. Jailbreaking shouldn't be legitimate nor supported in any way.

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  • phlavor
    Apr 21, 05:32 PM
    What I've wondered since they killed the xServe is what they plan to fill their new data center with. Mac Pros on shelves? 1 billion minis? They aren't going to run it all on PCs. It would be a marketing disaster.

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  • jellybean
    May 4, 07:24 PM
    What if you want to do a full erase & restore? Surely they won't require you to burn it to a disc or USB drive, I can't see them expecting "average" users to do that, and wouldn't that be defeating the whole purpose of using the App Store to bypass the need for physical media in the first place?

    I wonder if it somehow partitions the hard drive to make a small partition with a bootable installer on, and then installs Lion onto the larger, primary partition?

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  • slu
    Aug 11, 09:50 AM
    its always next tuesday isnt it?

    here is to getting up early on tuesday morning, dragging my ass to the computer, and going to to be disappointed by the lack of the promise to be back within the hour.

    Unless you are waiting to buy, what do you care? Why get up early? If there are updates, they will be there at the regular time you get up. And if there are not, you won't have gotten up early for nothing. Now that I think about it, why get up early even if you are buying? They will still take your order when you get up.

    That being said, if true, this is great news. Apple computers will now be updated much faster than they used to be. People should feel better about buying now, because they should know that the next update is AWLAYS only a couple of months away. You know it is coming and there is nothing you can do about it, so you might as well buy when you need it. If you keep waiting for the next best thing, you'll always be waiting.

    And please, for the love of all things holy, retire the Powerbook G5 "joke". It never was funny and it certainly isn't funny now.

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  • mdgm
    Mar 30, 10:10 PM
    That's a shame. I'd like to get a 3rd party SSD but would prefer to wait till using TRIM with it is officially supported by Mac OS X.

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  • prominence
    Nov 12, 08:48 AM
    So now BTL says that the shipment is coming in on 12-2. What happend to 11-11? How do you all feel about this? I personally am not sure if I should cancel or not.

    You know, I was a lil mad at first when I saw that, but the facts are that Apple wasn't going to ship theirs until Nov 25th with a Dec 2nd estimated arrival date, and for saving $40.00 I'm willing to wait a few extra days.

    And at this point.. like the previous poster said.. $87.00 is worth it for me when regular mounts without anything are around $40, so $87 is decent for bluetooth, GPS chip and cool look/setup.. however $120 ($130 when adding in tax) just isn't worth it in my opinion.

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 11, 02:22 AM
    just posted about airport extreme base station shipping delayed at apple store 1-3 weeks here maybe something is changing/happening


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  • milo
    Sep 11, 10:02 AM
    My Motorola set-top box already has the killer app that everyone wants to see from a IP-streaming device: HD movies on demand for $4 a pop.

    Doesn't that require having cable TV?

    No, but they're not playing games with my rather fragile heart =(

    I don't see how announcing something but not shipping it is better than not announcing something and not shipping it. Either way, you have no computer. Threatening to buy a dell is pretty empty until Dell actually makes that possible.

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  • MrWinters
    May 4, 03:42 PM
    Usually, "Preferred" means one will be more readily available (download) than the other (Physical).

    In 3 years there will be no "PREFERRED" anything with Macs. Everything that is installed on Mac will come from the App Store. It WILL BE the EXCLUSIVE method of loading ANYTHING on Macs. OS X will become exactly like iOS and ALL of you will just happily accept it. I expect to see statements on Macrumors like "Oh how wonderful it is that Steve is looking after us and protecting us from the evil world of Malware that those crappy PC's get. Thanks Steve for looking out for us and our elegant, delicious, sexy, and magical devices"......

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 11, 02:21 PM
    What we will get:

    Movie service with 320x240 movies, Airport Express AV with compostie and s-video only.


    Extremely unlikely. Or i`d say it`s impossible. We`ll definitely get DVD quality(atleast as an option). But my guesses are 720p will also be offered to those with a really really FAT internet pipe. Fat enough to fill a human body I guess:D .

    I really think Apple will offer atleast 3 resolutions ie QVGA, DVD and(crossing fingers) HD 720p(may be at an extra cost and limited in number of available titles). Apple needs to do something which will set them apart from Amazon. I`ll be really disappointed if all we get is the same as Amazon.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 18, 03:19 PM
    How on earth, in a million years could Apple say the Samsung Honeycomb Tablet is by any stretch of the imagination copying the UI of iOS on the iPad.

    Have not all Apple fans been saying how terrible Honeycomb is, in comparison, and more like a complex desktop UI than the simple mobile iOS.

    It's just crazy.

    As for the physical design? Errrr, a tablet, oblong with a sheet of glass on the front?

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  • lPHONE
    May 6, 12:19 AM
    There's no way that Apple is gonna switch to ARM for their Mac lines when it already took them a decade to make the transition from IBM to Intel processors.

    I thought the transition was noteworthy. Not quite flawless, but who else has switched architecture so perfectly?

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  • Tilpots
    May 8, 02:14 PM
    Best link i've found is�s-apple�s-new-data-center-where�s-the-giant-glass-cube/


    salient quote from Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge

    Exciting stuff!

    Exciting indeed! Appreciate the linkage.:)

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  • NebulaClash
    Mar 28, 10:33 AM
    I agree. If theres no iPhone in that mean Android wins the smartphone market for the year. Apple would also lose many of the customers to Android whose contracts are up in the summer and they would be locked into 2 year deals with their droids meaning no iPhone in 2012 for them either.

    Most phone consumers do not get a new phone on the day their contracts expire. That's yet another geek misconception about how the world works.

    I'd be shocked if Apple loses "many" of their customers to Android in 2011. Why on earth would they switch when they already have an iPhone that they love?

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  • sartinsauce
    Sep 11, 03:14 PM
    Extremely unlikely. Or i`d say it`s impossible. We`ll definitely get DVD quality(atleast as an option). But my guesses are 720p will also be offered to those with a really really FAT internet pipe. Fat enough to fill a human body I guess:D .

    I really think Apple will offer atleast 3 resolutions ie QVGA, DVD and(crossing fingers) HD 720p(may be at an extra cost and limited in number of available titles). Apple needs to do something which will set them apart from Amazon. I`ll be really disappointed if all we get is the same as Amazon.

    Not gonna happen.

    Apple's delivery requirements for iTMS are for an SD resolution (720x486). Many networks, in an effort to expidite iTMS availability, send Apple tapes containing content. Apple will not accept tapes in an HD format.

    That being said, DVD quality downloads now (or in the near future) are a distinct possibility. Again, bandwidth is a mofo. How do you offer so much content, with such large file-sizes, to millions of customers simultaneously, while also maintaining bandwidth for music downloads.

    Will there be a download queue, so we have to wait in line to download content?

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  • glitch44
    Aug 11, 09:57 AM
    question: are the CPUs in the macbook socketed or soldered?

    could i buy my own Core 2 Duo chip and drop it in there at a later date?

    i don't really care about the mhz increase, but the Core 2 Duo line does seem to be a little cooler at idle...

    Jul 29, 10:05 PM
    Maybe the key would be to offer the IPhone for all providers, make it run
    a mobile version of OS X with IChat video. I have Sprint and their music store downloads in AAC format. I have wondered if their music store is actually ITunes and they resell it as their own. Does any other carriers download in AAC?

    Aug 7, 02:09 PM
    If that is what you want, Apple won't mind at all if you buy a Macintosh to run Windows.
    It's almost at the price point where the OS comes for free, so a Windows OEM install wouldn't make much of a dent on top...

    It's a very tasty option if you qualify for education pricing, the dual 2GHz/160GB option tips the scales at a measly �1350 all-in. Knew there was a reason for marrying a teacher.

    The final, killer point though: video cards. Presumably we don't yet know if a standard PC video card would work, right?

    Apr 23, 05:45 PM
    The basic fact is vector graphics aren't always appropriate. A lot of things really can only be done, or can be done much better, with pixels. For any image with a lot of detail, it's easier -- both for the artists making them, and for the computers rendering them -- to store an extremely high resolution bitmapped image, and then downscale it as necessary, than it is to make and render a vectorized version that is "truly" resolution independent.

    And now Apple's realized that by targeting "Retina Display" resolution levels, this is the last increase in image sizes they'll ever reasonably need: there's no point in making images bigger beyond this point (or displays with higher-than-retina-level DPI one would need to render them) because your eyes really won't be able to tell the difference.

    See above for the win!

    It will be the last big change for mouse driven interfaces. Even if retina size monitors become massive (e.g. 50 inch) the physical size of an icon on the screen will remain the same as today. Increasing resolution beyond "retina" is pointless, it would only play to pixel-peeping freaks with magnifying glasses - hardly a profitable segment of society.

    Same reason print resolution has not increased in a long long time. Once printing resolution matured there were other things to focus on (colour, contrast, etc). Same will play out for computer monitors.

    Apr 7, 09:50 AM
    I have an invite to a launch party for the Playbook. I just chuckled.

    You should bring your iPad.

    Apr 25, 11:46 AM
    A lot of the science practices used now days an that will be used in the future starts being used for something it was not designed for,or better yet not "though of" (minoxidil was created for hypertension, not treatment of hair loss, Botox was used for treatment of facial spasms not make you look younger, The internet was created for research development by the government, and the list goes on and on). It is the nature of science and technology to evolve. Like it or not (I sure don't), just like Napster, Geo-location technology used for finding out even more information about you is here to stay one way or another.

    Man up people! how we implement the "new" use of any technology without crossing and protecting personal rights is where we should be concentrating on (promoting solutions and protection laws). It is waste time arguing (through news articles and political speeches) defending the mere existence of something that is not going anywhere.

    This is what I posted in the CNET article

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