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  • RebelScum
    Apr 20, 11:54 AM
    NO ONE holds the phone by the TINY little black glass area next to the screen

    You're right. My Bumper is held on by Magic.

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  • wacky4alanis
    Nov 20, 02:08 PM
    I called two Apple stores in my state (Connecticut) and both are out. Available from their website with free shipping but a 2 to 3 week delay in shipping.

    I ordered one from the Apple store on Nov 3rd, and it shipped on Nov 16th. So it looks like their estimates are somewhat accurate.

    I haven't really put mine through a full test yet, but I will post a review once I have. So far it seems to work as advertised.

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  • ArtOfWarfare
    Apr 24, 07:41 PM
    You people are all wrong.

    This icon is going on the iPhone, which is going to quadruple the number of pixels in each direction, to 2560 x 3840.

    Oh wait, even then then the icon consumes a ridiculous amount of space on the screen...

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  • thejakill
    Mar 29, 08:55 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This is quite valuable, since there is currently no way to store music on your computer.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 11, 05:29 AM
    I think your right on the button with this one. iTMS is there to support apple products and as such they are going to want to keep it that way.
    If its not an updated ipod the only other product must be some kind of video aiport media device that you can rig up to you TV
    How many people wants to see a full lenght movie on an iPod? Why watch it on a 2.5'' when you can watch it on a 42''?
    Apple needs to introduce a TiVo like box if they want the movie sales to take off.
    First of all, this movie service will, just as in iTMS, not be very profitable for Apple.
    Secondly, Apple would just be another movie provider if they just offer movies.
    I doubt that is something Jobs could live with...

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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 3, 11:00 PM
    I don't know what you guys mean by leaders. We make our decisions individually in the thread, right?

    No, I don't understand it that way. I understand that each group (one if we stay together, multiple if we split up) designates a leader. We do ALL of our conversation in the thread. Only the group leaders communicate the wishes of their group to the Game Gods via PM. They may take the consensus of the group, or they may implement decisions unilaterally without regard to group majority.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 01:39 PM
    Quality would probably go down.

    Highly debatable. More than likely working conditions would be far superior to what they are in China or Japan, and everyone knows happy employees are good employees.

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  • ayasin
    Apr 18, 03:31 PM
    Apple is devoid of morals and innovation? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea of Apple's philanthropy? Also, Apple INVENTED the whole concept of touch UI for iPhone and iPad

    Yep you're right. Apple invented the touch UI. Before Apple, Palm used a keyboard and mouse to dial numbers in the Palm OS phones. Also what philanthropy are you talking about?

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  • adbe
    Mar 29, 02:51 PM
    I agree. Given the last Ford we purchased leaked and after 6 months of trying to fix it, the Ford dealer said "well, everything leaks" and said they'd give a good deal on it to trade it in if we wanted. And the last GM we had stalled every morning when you were pulling out on to the road and the dealer said that it was "just the way the car was made," and could never fix it I wouldn't buy an American made car unless they started getting good reports both for quality upfront (they just sound cheap compared to a Honda, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, or Toyota) and for quality over 5-6+ years of ownership. And the previous American made cars we had were of similar low quality.

    To be fair (and way OT) Ford really do seem to have upped their game, and GM are at least trying.

    I'm actually seriously considering the new 2012 Focus, or the Fiesta as a second car. I wouldn't even have looked in Ford's direction two years ago.

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 18, 03:24 PM
    Have you looked at the TouchWiz UI? It's almost identical to iOS - dock at the bottom, pages of icons in a grid and you even remove applications in the same way as you do on the iPhone. I've nothing at all against competition for iOS, but they shouldn't just rip the design off


    Yeah that looks similar, I was referring to the tablet/honeycomb.

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  • billyjoegibsonx
    Apr 20, 04:11 AM
    Seems about right :) iPhone 4S (or something similiar) I think it'll be called. Not iPhone 5. I think this will be the name of the 2012 iPhone :)

    I was so excited waiting for iPhone 4S (let's just call it that) I sold my iPhone 4, for an Android & found myself wanting my iPhone 4 back :( seemed silly to splash out on cash for a phone that would be updated. My android was doing my head in, & having heard the rumors that the new iPhone wouldn't be out till later than usual, I decided to just pass on iPhone this year :)

    I will be keeping an eye on iOS & the iPhone :) I can't wait to see the new iPhone and iOS 5, but iPhone 2012 and iOS 6 is where it is for me :) so excited :D It'll be 2 Major OS updates worth & a whole new design (i hope :D)

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  • mBox
    Apr 24, 04:44 PM
    Well forget BD and go for 4K with REDRAY ;)

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  • righttime
    Apr 26, 02:27 PM
    Wow. A platform that is available on all four major carriers and has dozens of phones, passed the iPhone (which *just* became available on its second carrier) in overall usage. So I guess Google should be patting themselves on the back for this historic achievement.

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  • dr_lha
    Aug 11, 10:54 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?
    Have you seen the size of the heat sink in the Mac Pro? ;)

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  • coolcom
    Mar 30, 06:09 PM
    I'm downloading it as well, but I have no icon on my dock to show me the progress! AppStore said the download had started, but I see no icon. I tried to Redeem my code again, but it said it had already been redeemed. My bandwidth monitor is reporting a solid 600KB/s down though... hopefully it works!

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 11:09 AM
    Yes, but a la Google works. MobileMe is crap. So if they make it free then you'd either get free crap without ads, or free stuff that works with ads. Seems fair.

    I use Mobileme every day and it comes through for me every time. I also use it knowing that when i'm reading my email it's just me reading it not some automatic data mining program watching my every move.

    Think about this. Your life, your privacy and ability to communicate without someone watching was sold down the river for a pittance. It's seems fair to you because your are the one that gets capitalized on in a capitalist society.

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  • ender land
    Apr 10, 08:17 AM

    There is implied multiplication between the 2 and the (9+3) term, meaning the equation effectively looks like


    This is quite obviously 288.

    I agree too this is a stupid question, it's akin to asking someone verbally "what does 'their' mean?" because the choice of "their" vs "they're" is not clear.

    If there was a space, such that it said

    48/ 2*(9+3)

    then I could see an argument for it being 2, but as it stands, there is no reason you should ever find this equation to be equal to 2.

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  • nanofrog
    Apr 28, 05:21 PM
    That all makes sense, but again, the plate is without vents. And even if they would go through the whole plate (which they don't), the PSU itself is still sealed, so no way to get hot air from the back of the PCIe section. If it gets any air from that section through the small holes that are in the plate that separate the sections, it gets cold air from the PCIe fan since the PSU's fan sits in front of the unit in close proximity to the PCIe fan. (wow, even I don't understand what I just wrote... :rolleyes:).

    Edit: This is a shot from my 2009 machine. As you can see, the plate doesn't have vents. This is the ODD bay but the part where the PSU sits looks the same.
    From the other image, it appeared as if the vents did go through.

    I'd expect some of the heated air from the PCIe section does make it in, but not much (i.e. up at the very front of the case, were it would mix with cool air that enters the front of the ODD bays).

    Either way, there doesn't appear to be enough heat movement from one section to another to cause any problems. ;)

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  • Dr_Maybe
    Aug 2, 03:38 PM
    In Apple will withdraw the iPod. Nobody needs it any more. Nobody wants it. A huge, useless, glowing apple will be all anyone will want.

    Funny :D

    <confused applause />

    Jul 22, 03:11 PM
    Ok guys. I just got the word from a neighbor who is a contractor for one of the upper brass Apple engineers. There is going to be a whole new revolution this Tuesday!

    The new MMP will no longer use conventional batteries. Instead, they will be run off of propane. Apple is now trying to get the BTUs up to 15000, and be energy star certified for a multi room space heater.

    There will be a small propane fireplace, with a small childproof screen, in bottom center of the screen.

    There is a little portable propane bottle that is the exact size of the battery compartment.


    I already have that in my 15" PB 1.67, the heat from it has so far made some changes to the skin on my legs where it rest and keeps me nice an cosy in the winter.

    Wont need a bigger space heater for a while.

    Nov 27, 05:38 PM
    I think this will be and sooner than we might expect. Possibly announced in Jan and available alongside Leopard.

    I can feel it in my water!

    If the price is right it might not leave a place in the range for a Mac mini!

    Apr 18, 04:33 PM
    Can only be 1 reason, Apple are worried.

    If they felt totally confident in their product then they would not feel any threat from others and need to try something like this on.

    or they felt their patents and copyrights were being infringed on. but since it's apple, like always, you like to twist the matter...

    If Apple cannot beat them....they sue them. Way to go Apple, you are devoid of morals and innovation.

    When can we officially say that Apple is now the New Microsoft?

    lol see above. your posts are funny cos you just sound like a deluded nutter... keep them coming, you're so wrong but funny to read :)

    look at the comparison pics, the samsung phone looks just like a cheap knockoff of the iPhone. people sue people for ripping off their things, thats life. What makes me laugh is the people that are adamant the phone does not look like the iPhone needs their eyes testing! even my mum thought the samsung phone was an iphone at first.

    Apr 7, 11:05 AM
    went to some random iPad 2 retailer here in germany today, no problem getting any ... if only i had the money :-/ student fml

    Mar 29, 05:36 PM
    ^ this

    it is very good news that Amazon jumped into the water first. now it places the pressure on Apple. Apple will juice up their service (if it already wasn't) to top what Amazon is offering.

    Fingers crossed this happens. If Apple can release a product that syncs your personal data wirelessly and painlessly (ala Android) and pair it with syncing your media wirelessly and painlessly (like this Amazon product) they'll finally have gotten to where they need to be.

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