Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

The Ferragamo Wallet

For my birthday recently, my husband gave me a beautiful geranium red leather wallet from Salvatore Ferragamo.
We had visited the store some months earlier and just before my birthday he went back to Ferragamo and picked out the one he thought I would like the best.
Upon receiving my beautiful gift on the morning of my birthday, I made a comment on the size of the store bag it came in, as it was huge compared to the size of the wallet.

Smiling he said “the lady serving me asked me what size bag I wanted - instantly I replied; "you’d better give me the large one. She would want the large one."
And the lady replied "Yes, they usually do!”

Senin, 28 Juli 2008


Today my baby turns 3.
Last night while she slept, I made a chocolate cake with pink frosting for her to have with her sister and friends at daycare.

In a week I too will also be a year older, but with little ones around it's easy to still feel like it was yesterday when I held her in my arms as a newborn. I hope I never lose that memory or the feeling it invokes. She skipped into daycare this morning with her new shoes and her new frock, happy as anything. She looked so gorgeous.

Minggu, 27 Juli 2008

The Sex and the City Movie

After a long wait, I finally got to see the Movie on Friday night.
I went with a friend (a non-Sex and the City watcher) and what a delight!

The fashion, the shoes, the itty-bitty-details that only a Sex and the City addict would know were all there. All the girls were portrayed so perfectly. So much laughter, which is what I love so much about the series.

Sex and the City is my i Ching. It's what I can relate to in my life. When I first started watching the girls it was 1999. I was ten years younger than the characters, and even then I could relate. Now I am still younger but the same age as they were in the first series, and I still relate. There is nothing else out there that rings true to me. Thank god for the girls; they keep me sane, they keep me stylish and they keep me informed. God luv 'em. If there is anyone else out there that is addicted as I am to Sex & the City as I am, write to me. I don't know how many times I've referred to or quoted them.

Just ask my husband, he'll tell you.
Viva la Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte!

Kamis, 24 Juli 2008


I bought this magazine with a clandestine $5 that I had stashed away in my purse.

I have an addiction to magazines and so I tend to buy them all the time, whether I need to or not.
Sometimes I borrow them and sometimes, I confess I have even resorting to pinching them from a doctors office.
Today I paid the full quid. I am loving this magazine, it's so great such a breath of fresh air!
You can see Alison Veness-McGourty's touch throughout, and I get her vision.
I wondered what she would be doing now.
I particularly enjoyed the beautifully written and heart-felt tribute to Heath Ledger, written by Emile Sherman.