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Lindsay Lohan: Has She Dodged Her Jail Sentence?

Lindsay Lohan: Has She Dodged Her Jail Sentence?

She's been back and forth with the ever-present theft case against her, but now it seems that Lindsay Lohan may actually dodge jail time all together.

As GossipCenter previously reported, the 24-year-old will plead no contest to misdemeanor theft with a strong possibility that there will be no increase to her current 120-day sentence.

This is where Lindsay may escape time in the slammer: The L.A. County Sheriff's and probation departments, which are in charge of the jail the actress would serve time in, reportedly allows for misdemeanor, non-violent offenses to be served by electronic monitoring.

The final decision in Lohan's case goes to Judge Stephanie Sautner, who is dead-set of treating LiLo like any other defendant - meaning, it's very likely she won't be behind bars anytime soon.


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