Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Robert Pattinson: So Long, Sydney!

Robert Pattinson: So Long, Sydney!

Finally finished up with quite the promotional tour, Robert Pattinson was spotted gearing up for an outbound flight from Sydney, Australia on Saturday (May 7).

Fresh off of the Land Down Under premiere of his new movie "Water for Elephants," the Edward Cullen hunk toted his guitar case while ushered into the terminal to prep for the long flight home.

During the course of his overseas travels, Pattinson spoke withBritish radio station Magic 105.4 about filming the recently released circus-based picture, as he said, "It's easy to work with animals! Everything is fresh all the time, whenever there is a wild animal in the room it keeps it exciting."

The British heartthrob added, "Some things were incredibly dangerous! The scene with the Lion, the Lion could get out of the cage, there was no reason the lion didn't eat me."

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