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happy mothers day funny pictures

happy mothers day funny pictures. Mother#39;s Day
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  • naco
    Jul 30, 06:40 PM
    " While I'm sure if it is true..."

    it is true, i saw a add for it in a magazine. it gave the website: www.iphone.org,
    but when i typed that in, all it gave me was the apple website with the .org URL. and its not a flip phone. its made by Sony Ericson. I believe this is why an Apple logo showed up on that one thing Sony was showing.

    i saw the real one on the back pages of a "MacBook" magazine. would have bought it, but it was $30.http://www.ipodnoticias.com/uploaded_images/iphone-701958.jpg
    it was this add

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  • martygras9
    Mar 29, 08:41 AM
    Pricing is fairly high when compared to external drives one can purchase. But the convenience of having your data WHEREVER you are is extremely tempting. Has anyone tried pogoplug before? It seems like an affordable solution to the cloud with its one time fee, but I'm not sure what the download speeds are like.

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  • CalBoy
    May 5, 02:27 PM
    Sorry it took so long to respond to this; I assure you it took only a second to Google (this is just the first result I found):


    All of that is about the private sector switching to save money on their bottom line, something which I already mentioned should happen (and will without intervention).

    The question is if the government mandated the metric system for EVERYTHING, from speed limits on the roads to the measurements on a box of Betty Crocker brownies. Many of these things won't actually lead to any increased economic efficiency because certain products can only be produced locally (say weather reports) and consumed locally. The cost of these industries switching would be quite expensive with no real economic gain because the products and services can't be exported or imported.

    Is that wink a small admission of how silly your system really is? :) Sure, the math was simple, but how meaningful are all these crazy fractions? If I actually had to try and picture what these fractions represent, I'd want to convert the denominator into a multiple of 10 first in order to try and picture it. I might note that twice 48 is roughly 100, so I know we're dealing with a bit over 26%. Other fractions could prove more difficult. With the metric system, you never have to do this. You're always dealing with base-10, which is something we all understand and can picture, without having to memorise particular fractions and what they represent.

    No the wink was just to say that 1) I would use a calculator, and 2) even if I couldn't, multiplying fractions is not hard at all.

    Well, we could certainly argue that international communication would be a LOT simpler if there was only one language � and it would be! However, the reality is, we have a world with not only a diversity of language, but a diversity of culture, and the two are intricately linked. That makes the world a very interesting place, and being able to speak multiple languages would be a wonderful skill to have when travelling and engaging in other cultures. People are generally proud of their heritage, culture and language, and there aren't too many people suggesting the world should lose all of that richness in the interest of conformity. (Well, there are such people, but I think we can agree they're generally pretty scary.)

    This is off topic, but language is but one part of culture. Customs, celebrations, and even measures, are all marks of a culture. In the process of colonization and free trade, we've actively destroyed many languages, customs, celebrations, and measures. I think we typically don't consider the loss of a measurement system to be too catastrophic because of the many conveniences that can be had from uniformity. But the same is true for language as well. I think the real reason we tend to gloss over measures is because they are typically easier to learn than a new language. Anthropologically speaking, however, they are very valuable in exploring a culture.

    What is different about the US that it can't do likewise? I honestly find it perplexing. Be honest now� Is it because the French invented it?

    Ultimately I think it comes down to the fact that the US is one of the few countries that had a great deal of popular sovereignty determine the outcome of whether or not we should switch to the metric system. Most other countries enacted policy through a quiet parliamentary action that was later carried out by agencies or at a time when most people weren't active in politics. Still others had theirs done at the point of a gun.

    In the US there are a lot of veto points in the legislative process, making any significant change hard to do. Americans also tend not to have a great deal of respect for the sciences (scientific literacy is appallingly low) so it makes it a tougher pitch to the everyday person. Then there's also the issue that to most it's a solution for a problem that doesn't exist; why should they care about a measurement system when the one they are using right now is working for them?

    You're not stepping out onto the moon this time. Just about every other country on the planet (and there are quite a few of them!) have gone before you, and it worked out just fine. Sure, it takes some time, but not as long as you might like to imagine. Let me come back to my own experience� I was born in the 70s, around the time Australia was just starting to transition to the metric system. The older folk may well have had a difficult time with it, but if so I was blissfully unaware of it. I came to learn what an inch was, since most rulers had inches on one side and mm/cm on the other, and people still, to this day, casually talk about their height in feet and the weight of newborn babies in pounds. (Yes, some old habits die hard.) But these sort of things are the exceptions. The transition to metric was so efficient, I, as a first generation growing up with it, didn't even notice there was a transition happening.

    Seriously, you should be looking to Australia and other countries with successful transitions and learning from them, instead of just perpetuating all these fanciful stories of how terrible it's going to be to change.

    The issue goes beyond just the prescribed time period to shift, however. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of infrastructure concerns. Not to mention that Australia in the 1970s was 13 million people, or about 24 times smaller than the current US population. The only other countries that were on this scale were India and China when they transitioned, and both had much less infrastructure and an already illiterate population that could be trained from the ground up.

    Any realistic transition for the US would take decades.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 01:36 PM
    Are you willing to pay more for your Mac gadgets so they can be made here?

    I'd pay a premium for products manufactured in the US.

    Products might be more expensive, but there would be more Americans employed. As much are there is a downside to producing here, there is also an upside.

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  • macridah
    Jul 30, 06:41 AM
    I hope it will be a GSM phone. If the AppleBerry rumors are true, then that would be sweet, too.

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 10, 06:05 PM
    balamw & dukebound85:
    You guys are making too many assumptions.

    Following your thought process, the original post is not properly written then?

    They’re not making any assumptions. You are.

    The results of this poll are sad.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 28, 10:48 AM
    It doesn't make sense that there won't be a new iPhone this year.

    I can understand Apple moving the introductory event away from a software developer conference.

    But they have their new A5 chip, they need to amortise manufacturing costs across multiple product lines. They're not going to wait another year before introducing an iPhone 5 around this chip. Other changes may be minimal.

    In addition the competition isn't standing still - Android, WebOS, WM7, BlackBerry, etc - they're all releasing new devices all the time. They're dual-core, better performance GPUs, more RAM - i.e., overtaking the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware (but not software, but it's improving all the time).

    So therefore there will be an iPhone 5 this year. Maybe later than normal, maybe earlier. It might not be a major change - A5, maybe more storage, aluminium back. It's the software that Apple likes highlighting, so they might sync with iOS 5 if they want a big release event.

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  • Guitar geek
    Aug 4, 12:01 AM
    This is great and bad at the same time for me. I'm so happy that they'll finally move to Merom. However, I've been holding off an MBP since mid-April. I was really hoping to get one after WWDC. If it's true that they may launch it in September, I may not be able to get it in time for school, and the ipod rebate may be over.

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  • usptact
    Apr 18, 03:25 PM
    No for patents! They are meant only for dominant and rich get even more rich and influential.

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  • mrsir2009
    Mar 30, 10:21 PM
    Yay Lion is getting closer.

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  • adbe
    Mar 26, 10:38 PM
    I highly doubt this is the case. The iPhone still leads the forefront for iOS devices and will receive iOS 5 when it is released. The only way this works is if the release of iPhone 5 is in September and I don't see that happening any time soon.

    That's something that's playing on my mind too.

    I'm going to be watching carefully though, because it does seem possible that Apple think the tablet is a bigger long term deal than the phone. If they do, there'll be clear signs of it this year.

    Whatever happens, there'll be a new iOS release with the iPhone 5, simply because it is going to sport new tech. Whether that iOS is numbered 5, or 4.5 will be interesting.

    If I had to chance my arm, I'd say iOS 5 with the phone in June, but a small spec bump iPad 2.5/3 in October.

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  • JoeG4
    Apr 21, 10:15 PM
    I always thought the case was one of the best things about the Mac Pro.

    If only Apple would do what tons of people have been whining and screaming and begging Apple for - shove a regular i7 + nice board with some PCIe slots + REGULAR DDR3 in there and sell it as a Mac Sorta Pro.


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  • citizenzen
    Apr 15, 08:23 PM
    Your inability and insecurity to come within even the same area code of your own prior rhetorical question - choosing the greener pastures of everything-unrelated-to-something-you-started-but-can't-finish - says everything.

    I guess you just can't relate to us creative types.

    What are you, an accountant?

    Next time, I'll try to say in numbers so you can understand.

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  • Eidorian
    Mar 29, 02:25 PM
    Note that MS is dropping the standalone Zune hardware, and moving the Zune interface into Windows Phone 7.

    If your phone can do it all, why make standalone music players?I am stuck in a limbo where I want the phone for everything that it does except the phone part...

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 08:12 AM
    You were not allowed to vote twice.
    So you voted for?


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  • ten-oak-druid
    Mar 29, 05:30 PM
    I think amazon and the kindle are the only legitimate competitors to the ipad/itunes store. And I don't know if they are really direct competitors.

    Anyway, amazon's kindle and overall user experience are not direct rip offs of Apple and that is refreshing.

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  • fisherttm
    Mar 28, 11:25 AM
    I would say it's possible knowing the way Apple likes to be secretive that the future of iOS5 & OSX could actually have a phone announcement? With the cloud rumors and such I could see it being a here is what the new OS will do and here are the products that will help you do it. Just would seem weird in the world of technology that they would deviate from their announcement schedule. However, I do agree with the one poster that says 18 months to most people isn't a big deal over 15; it's the early adopters and tech heads that would get ticked.

    Hoping the rumor is wrong wife's phone is in need of upgrade and I plan to give her the 4 and take the 5 once it is released. :)

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  • islanders
    Jul 23, 10:33 PM
    We may see a drop in the MB at the end of a production run.

    $1099 is very reasonable, esp if it is a quality product�

    at that price consumers are going to evaluate features, longevity�

    although I think it is a valid point to consider pricing for consumer end.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:20 PM
    Apple would probably find other suppliers of those components, so I doubt not having Samsung as a supplier would kill Apple.

    On the other hand, if they have to go to multiple manufacturers for the components instead of one big supplier (like Samsung), I would expect them to pay higher costs for parts. This would result in the costs being passed down the consumer.

    Samsung is the biggest supplier of RAM, flash memory and LCD panels in the World (by far). There is no way Apple could live without them.

    May 4, 04:28 PM
    If you drive to the store to buy it instead, should they pay for your gas?

    If they'd previously delivered it to my house, then yes.

    I think a lower price is a reasonable trade-off for asking us to download, especially an upgrade of that size. Apple will be saving a considerable amount of money in terms of packaging, production, shipping, physical storage, shelf space (which they pay for in other stores), etc. Part of their ability to do that involves the use of the Internet connection I'm paying for (which, btw, for some people is metered.) I think that's reasonable.

    You don't agree?

    Aug 11, 02:47 PM
    Everyone waiting on the Core 2 Duo MacBook needs to get a clue.

    It's the same folks who were falling over waiting to WWDC to come so they could order their Core 2 Duo MacBooks after the keynote!

    Apple IS NOT going to move the MacBook to a Core 2 Duo until they've updated:

    1) MacBook Pro

    2) iMac

    3) Maybe even Mac Mini, since it's been out forever!

    The MacBook is barely three months old. It may get a speed bump and/or price cut soon, but won't get a new chip.

    All of you saying Apple has to upgrade it to a Core 2 Duo to complete with Dell, HP, etc - why? Why do they HAVE to? Will they explode if they don't? Will the sun stop shining? Will all the world's puppies die?

    Of course they'll upgrade it eventually. That doesn't mean it needs to be upgraded as soon as the chips are available. If you look at other PC maker's sites, most of their machines don't even have the Core Duo chips yet; there's no rush.

    You can't claim Apple will inevitable act a certain way now that they're on Intel chips; you don't know that. They have no history of using Intel chips. Just because your bright minds think it would be a good idea to move the MB line to the latest and greatest chip whenever a new one is released by Intel because "that's what the other guys are doing," it doesn't mean Apple agrees with you.

    What we DO know for a fact is Apple like to differentiate between consumer and pro lines, and Apple has never been one to put the latest chips into the iMac or Mac Mini level machines - and I don't see either of that changing.

    Well said! :)

    Apr 18, 02:57 PM
    It really does look like a clone, but more importantly (I'm guessing), Samsung, as Apple's screen supplier, has an inside angle on replicating the all-important touch screen interface.

    Apr 20, 08:30 AM
    Believe it or not about 1/2 of iPhone 4 owners believe they have a 4g phone.

    And half of the android users believe they have an iphone.

    Dec 12, 06:35 AM
    Just got a notice from BLT that their expected ETA on the TomTom Car Kit is now 12/16. We'll see, but I wouldn't count on it.

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